Thursday, December 16, 2010

My November

The holiday season is in full swing but I'm still here, recording the memories.
I didn't want to get carried away with December without taking note of November, so I made sure to make a priority of my Project 12 layout.  This is wha I came up with this month:

I kept things simple this month.  Since it was out, I used my Metropolitan kit from Studio Calico (but I did add some SC buttons that I picked up at the Black Friday sale.  My layout needed a touch of pink.  You just never know what might show up under the SALE tab).

One of the beautiful things about the SC paper add-on is that if you do it, you'll have more than enough to create two page layouts (the green here is the B side to the pattern book print).

What we did:  I am married to a hunter, yes I am, and since he supports me in the art forms I'm passionate about, I support him in his endeavors.  I like to remind him about that too, lol.  He left for about 11 days to camp in the woods during the colder months and hunt the elusive elk.  He has done so every year for several years.  In the past it hasn't been an issue, but the girls were having a hard time this year, so we made sure to give them a special date night with only daddy where they could spend quality time together.  I let them wear whatever they wanted and Steve took them to a local diner.  They loved it, were treated like loyalty, and it helped a lot.  We'll definitely do that again next year.

We have steers butchered every year.  This year, I was at work when the butcher came, and Steve didn't shield Miss Payton Jayne's impressionable 4 year old eyes from the process, but in the end, he didn't need to.  She was completely fascinated by the whole thing, asked some amazing questions, and wasn't phased a bit.  A future doctor or veterinarian on our hands maybe?  hopefully not a butcher, no offense.  heeeee.

This sketched worked for me because I have layouts and projects planned for many of the things we did in November, so just want to touch on them with a single photo in my Project 12 layout.  Just before Thanksgiving we spent a week at the beach, and I"m going to do a beach layout already, so I summed it up with our annual family photo.

After sewing it up, photographing it, and putting it away in it's page protector, I realized I had left off our Thanksigiving happenings, so I have penciled them in at the bottom of the page, for prosperities sake.  Steve was on shift so we had a low key holiday and had a full turkey meal at the firestation (although *just* as Steve took his first bite of turkey, he had to leave on a call for choking, which was appropriate, I guess).

We also got snow!  We barely got any snow at our house last year, so the kids were super excited.  They dashed out and made a quick snowman before it all melted away.  They named her Charlotte.

So.  That's what my family did in November.  What about you?  You still have a few days left before the deadline to link your layouts to the Project 12 post for the month

Happy Holidays!  Davinie


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    absolutely fabulous! Alwas love looking forward to you pages :) happy colors!

  2. Fantastic layout! Love all the journaling! :)

  3. Wow, I'm impressed she was so cool with it! I get faint just noticing traces of blood on a piece of meat I'm cooking--meat from the grocery store! I prefer to think my meat grew up in the aisles of Stop and Shop:)

  4. Love the buttons with Metropolitan! Thank you for the inspiration, as always!

  5. Ack! I still need to do this! Thinking I'll move right into December too! :)