Friday, February 18, 2011

Five for Friday

How are you friends and blog readers?!  I hope everything is going well in your world.  I missed my 5 last week but am back on track and ready to carry on. 

1.  One of the things I've been doing lately is obsessing over Pinterest.  One of the reasons I like it better than my tumblr account is that you can use different "boards" to sort the things that interest you.  I had to share what I stumbled across last night.  I have been pinning a little of this and a little of that, and I literally gasped when I saw all of my favorite things lumped together on one post.  It came from the House of Turquoise blog. I should have known.  I love that blog and it was only a matter of time before she posted about something I wouldn't be able to live without:

I swear if Steve wasn't working today I'd have him down at Lowe's picking up wood and Benjamin Moore Wythe blue paint right now.  I am so excited.

We have a mud room downstairs which we use most often to get in and out of the house.  It used to be a single car garage, so it's a huge space for a washer and dryer.  Just as described, what a functional, pretty piece to decorate it.  I MUST have the magazine rack and the little knobs for my purse too.  I don't see much that I would change (although I think I will do baskets underneath for shoes rather than the drawers).  Good thing I have a handy husband!  I'm putting him to work asap.  :)

2.  Another thing I have been doing lately (but not often enough, having been sick) is continued training for my upcoming 10k and later the half marathon.  As I've said, I have done 5K races before, but these longer distances are new to me.  Oh my, I hope I can make it.  My birthday is coming up and I will be really disappointed with myself if I don't follow through with this goal.  Any playlist recommendations?  I ran for an hour on the treadmill today, because of the icky weather, and I. got. bored.  And when I get bored, I want to get off.  Steve has this uncanny ability to just zone out when he's running.  He runs his half marathons without headphones.  Not moi.  I need a distraction, or the entire time my head is beating to the drum of my footprints, saying,  "get.  off.  this. is. dumb. get. off. get. off" over and over.  oy.

3.  On another note, today is February 18, which means you have 10 more days to submit a layout for the first Project 12 challenge of 2011.  I have noticed many new faces to this challenge which has me very excited and looking forward to the challenge this year so much more.  THANK YOU!  (and if you are still curious, check out the Project 12 page at the top of my blog, or click on the Project 12 button on my sidebar).

4.  Crafty related, there was some buzz on the message board at Studio Calico, so I wanted to share a little bit about a company that was new to me.  They are called Epiphany Crafts, and involve some of the same faces that were involved with Li'l Davis back in the day.

At CHA I was obsessed with their booth and their button making tools.  Basically it's a punch, etc., for making your own acrylic buttons.  They have different shapes and sizes and I am very excited to get some of them in my hot little hands.  Make my own buttons?  Any color, pattern I want?  Forever?  SOLD.

Here's what one of the button makers looks like:

Here's the how to on creating your own button:

I know that April loved them too and we may or may not have plans to include them in the future kit (the acrylic buttons, anyway.  I think.).  So you'll have to keep your eyes peeled the punches and various button sizes / shapes in the Studio Calico store

5.  Lastly, speaking of Studio Calico, check out the layout I made for the product spotlight blog post highlighting the new State Fair line:

I used my Sew Easy tool in abundance!  Check out the blog next week too.  I created a tutorial on how to use it.

And with that I'll leave you.  It's family fun night at Morgan's school tonight.  We are watching Toy Story 3.  And eating pizza.  And popcorn.  The kids have been looking forward to it all week!

Have a great day!  Davinie


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    First of all-- way to go, training for a 10K and half-marathon! Wow. I run a little bit, but not like that! I wanted to offer a listening suggestion for while you're training-- I found that even when I have music while I'm running, I personally tend to tune it out and start thinking again about how much I hate being on the treadmill. And then I found these "Playaway" book devices at my library. They're little mp3 players that are hard-programmed with a book on tape. They're about the size of an iPod, and you plug in your own headphones, add a AAA battery, and you have a book on the go-- and it's free, since it's from the library!
    My "guilty pleasure" is reading young adult novels, and there are quite a few really good ones on Playaway... some even done "full-cast" style. A recent favorite is _Princess Academy_ by Shannon Hale.
    One of the best parts for me is that when I am in the middle of a book on tape, I actually *want* to work out so that I can hear more!


    P.S. That mudroom organizer is fantastic!

  2. Oh my! I just LOVE the piece your hubby is going to build! I'm looking for a mini version of that. I've seen people use doors for the backs, but I'm not handy with wood and a saw. ;-) I'm so excited to be laying along with Project 12 this year. I need to get my layout posted on my blog. LOVE your new layout! The stitching looks fantastic!

  3. I'm a first time project 12'er and I'm loving it. I'm building it into my project life album in fact.

    Love the mud room furniture. it's a beauty!

    I recommend: cee lo green "Forget you"; Robyn "Dancing on my own" and Adele "rolling in the deep". They get me fired up every time my feet hit the treadmill. I'm training for a half as well and I know just how you feel on that treadmill! Keep on going-it pays off eventually!

  4. I love to go on iTunes and preview the top songs in my favorite categorites...right now Katy Perry, Kesha and Rhianna are on my run list. The treadmill is boring...can you get outside at all? I treadmill with my tv and my Biggest Loser shows on forwarding through the commercials. :)

  5. Love the mudroom cabinet!! I think I need one of those and don't even have a mud room!
    I have lots of "fun" songs on my ipod to keep me running. Not necessarily songs I listen to otherwise, but they get me going: Justin Timberlake (especially Sexy Back), Single Ladies by Beyonce, some disco from the 70s. Just about anything to keep the old legs moving!

  6. Good luck with the training. I'm sure you'll do great!! :)
    I love your layout!

  7. that is one happy entryway. love. love the page, too!

  8. You should check with Papertrey Ink, they just came out with a button die! One is scalloped and the other is just round, they are super easy to use, you just run them through your Cuttlebug or Sizzix just like any other embossing folder or die. Maybe you could get them for a kit at SC?

  9. Love the layout! I find that Green Day is great music to lissten to while I ride my bike! Hope it worls for you.

  10. Yes, I can't stand running on a treadmill for very long either. I wish I could read, listen to music and watch tv all at the same time to keep me distracted. Where'd you use a treadmill at??

  11. Super fab layout! I love all the funky stitching on there! So fun!

  12. I loved seeing your layout!!! LOVE the stitching :) Also, best of luck with your training! I love the piece you've chosen to add to your home! We have a mudroom here in WA and I'm so thankful for it as there would be mud and pine needles ALL over our home without one!