Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Recap and some Studio Calico sneaks

Last week was filled with the flu here, the flu there, and topped with some hacking coughs, but as the weekend reached our house, we appear to be on the mend.  Luckily, Mama never got any of it.  I am SOOO happy about that.  Having the flu is the worst.  Especially since we are officially on Spring Break now.

Next weekend I will be taking the girls to Portland with me.  They'll do the zoo, etc., while I'm teaching and working the Studio Calico booth at CKC Portland.  Will you be in the area?  I've checked out the class lists and the CKC's are consistently improving with better and better classes.  I'll be teaching a 2 page layout using misting techniques.  The general design and technique ideas for this layout were mine so I'm excited to teach this particular class.

Pre-registration is now closed but you can get the schedule and info about this event here

As I mentioned, while there my kiddos will get to go to the zoo.  Because it's Spring Break of course I want them to have fun, but a little project Morgan was working on tonight inspired me to try and make this an educational experience too.  She was making an alphabet book and drawing photos of different zoo animals.  I'm hoping to maybe send the girls with little pens and notebooks to draw pictures while there, or take "notes" on things while there, or maybe send them to the park with some questions to answer later, like "what was your favorite animal" or "did you see the baby elephant", things like that.  I might actually take something from the homeschool curriculum conveniently located on the Zoo website and go from there.  They will be going mostly for fun, but it never hurts to stretch your brain a bit while you are at it. 

One night next weekend we are headed to Chuck E Cheese.  Ugh.  Help me.  My mom actually lives just down the street from one and the girls always want to go when we are in town.  Actually, last year at this same time we tried to go, but the line was too long so we went somewhere else.  The kids have never let us forget it.  So, with Payton's 5th birthday next week, I figured I could suffer through it.  (I can't believe my baby will be five....  but that's a whine for another day).  I did find some coupons on the Chuck E Cheese website, so pizza's and tokens for all that "fun" won't cost as much as it could.  That's good.  I'm sure Payton will be thrilled.  And i'll live.  :)  I'm just glad we don't have one in Central Oregon.  heee.

Speaking of the girls, I just learned about a cool website that sends out daily deals for kids clothes.  It's called Zulily.  Maybe I have been living under a rock, but either way, it was new to me, and the other day the daily email prompted me to buy a couple of super cute spring dresses for my girls for $15.99 each.  Not too shabby!  I got these two:

I got the pink one for Morgan.

And hopefully the purple-ish bow sways Payton to love this one, because I do!  :)  It's never warm enough in these parts for Easter dresses + Easter egg hunts, but they need some new dresses, so with this great deal, I got them a couple anyway.  They can wear jeans underneath.  ;)

Anyway, check out Zulily and sign up for daily deals here.  You get a daily email that shows a few different manufacturers of kids clothes, accessories, even mama clothes too, and if you see something you like you click through and can view the products available from that brand.  Apparently things go fast, though, and the emails are sent out at 6am EST (but don't fear.  I bought these two dresses at 2pm PST and got the sizes I wanted).

These days I've got a lot of things on my mind and my plate, with Girl Scouts, Preschool registration (I only have a few months left as Registrar.  Woot!), PTC events, WORK, trying to WORK OUT, that I've been preoccupied and out of sorts.  I feel like I've been that way since January.  I'm hoping that taking a few things off my plate will help restore order and a bit of sanity, but until then.....  Studio Calico April sneaks are in order.  ha!  I could never give up crafting! 

I bought two add-ons this month, Make 'em Laugh (#2), and Moses Supposes (#3).  I just recently had to purchase more Ziploc 2.5 gallon bags to house kits as I am having a hard time parting with my stash, so 2 add-ons is my max lately, although I love it all.

The papers from this first sneak were from the main and I should have gotten more.  I really liked the peach and how the green pulled from those music notes.  I had a hard time cutting into that one (but I had to.  It matched my fleece!  :)  ). 

This one has some precious photos of my baby girl.  It's a 2pager too.

I have more projects to share but wanted to get some sneaks about before the deadline this month, an amazing feat these days.

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Working on your Project 12 layout?  You have about a week left.  :)


P.S.  Happy Birthday to my hubby.  We are finally back to the same age.  Those few weeks between February and March are pure torture for me.  Payton keeps asking how I can possibly be older if he's taller than me.  She also marvels that we were in our mama's belly's at the same. time.  Steve, I hope 2011 brings you nothing but happiness, because when you are happy, I am happy, and when I am happy, you are happy.  LOVE YOU BABE.


  1. WOW those dresses are amazing, if only they sent to NZ :) Lucy would love em. fabulous LO and i LOVE the second one just a tad more just because of all the teal LOVE it, and yes its fab how they music notes just bring out the colour in your fleece :)

  2. Love the sneaks! Enjoy your trip- it made me think of the "zoo backpack" our family has created. It has a kid's binoculars, Crayola Twistables colored pencils, a sketchpad and animal flash cards. We have a membership to our local zoo so it comes in handy since we go so much!

  3. happy birthday steve!!
    and i LOVE zulily. i have ordered way too much from there. shocking, i know.
    have a fabulous trip!

    oh yeah, the sneaks are great...i can't wait to see the real deal!!

  4. Love the dresses you got!!! SO glad you were able to find something at Zulily. I'm hopelessly obsessed with that site. Sorry for the enabling. :-p LOL. ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope it's wonderful!

    And can't wait to see your pages!! :-D

  5. i love both of those dresses! they are so springy looking! the sneaks look awesome. can't wait to see them all at reveal!

  6. How I wish I could say I'll be in the "Portland area" lol Maybe one day!
    Those dresses are A.DOR.ABLE!
    The peach paper is gorgeous and so are your sneaks.
    Would you believe I can not find any of those huge ziploc bags here??? Its boggles my mind. I think the largest we have is half that size. It's like they only make them for sandwiches or something ;)

  7. Love the family photos in the sneaks, so fun! And love the dresses--I want scrapbook paper in those prints!

  8. Love the family photos in the sneaks, so fun! And love the dresses--I want scrapbook paper in those prints!

  9. love your sneaks! can't wait to see :) happy b-day to your hubby!

  10. gorgeous sneaks Dav!! have fun in Portland! :)

  11. Love the sneaks, and those dresses are absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see pictures! Hope your kiddos have a great time at the zoo!

  12. LOVE your sneaks..and Easter dresses are are you my friend! xx
    Happy Birthday to your Steve a little bit late too! ;)