Friday, April 01, 2011

Five on Friday

I'm actually posting today.  No foolin'.  I've got a mixed bag of things to update and relate, so let's see if i can keep it at five, lol.

1.  Cardmaps!  Your enthusiasm is contagious.  I'm so happy you are excited about this publication.  It's card sketches, but the whole issue is so inspiring you'll feel like making layouts and altered projects with it too.  The winner of the Cardmaps publication is:

Carole Stirrat said...
Darling card and your grid of trims is genious, love it!!
8:16 AM

Congratulations Carole!  Email me at cooperdees (at) and I'll get you that issue plus a few goodies from me.  :)

You can pick up that issue of Cardmaps and download the Spring issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today here if you are still interested in checking it out. 

I did want to share one of my projects from the Spring issue on this post.  I used a bunch of Studio Calico goodies on this one:

 Hand cut butterflies.  Basket weaving.  Flowers.  ::sigh::  It just feels like spring. 

Speaking of SCT, I hope you've been landing on their blog this week to enter for prizes.  They are giving a prize away today that I'm really curious about.  It's called a Picture Keeper.  Have a jump drive sized photo storage is VERY appealing to me.  You can comment on the blog for one chance, and you can get a second chance at one of those via their Facebook page.  good luck!
2.  Studio Calico.  The newsletter went out last night, but just wanted to send and FYI that
Documentary is on it's final sale.  50% off and when it's gone, it's gone.  You can never have too many label stickers and journaling cards, can you?

Zing has been restocked too.  That darn Studio Calico and their enabling.  I used to emboss prior to scrapbooking and all the hype is inspiring me to break out my heating tool.  I'm all for white and clear to add dimension, I think.  I have the clear but white was sold out the last time I peeked.  hmmm.....

Epiphany Crafts and the WRMK Sew Easy tool.  Hard to find?  It's in the Supply section

Lastly, remember, if you are a subscriber at Studio Calico or have recently placed an order, you have till the 3rd to add to your cart for the flat rate shipping fee, and then the kits are on their way. :)

3.  Sketchbook 3 starts Monday!  I had a lot of fun with my layout.  I still can't believe KP asked me to be part of this class, especially when I go down the list of contributors.  Wow.  I hope you'll check out this inspiring class!  Here's a sneak peek of my work.  You'll only see the whole thing if you take the class:


For some reason, the straight stitch head on my Sew Easy tool has disappeared.  Luckily, I hand stitch anyway, so I took care of it freehand.  My stitches aren't perfectly spaced, but I'm not perfect either, so we are happy together.  lol.  That said, that tool would have made this layout come together much faster than what I did instead.  Also?  Note to self:  don't use a piercing tool and attempt to make straight lines while working on a layout and watching Black Swan On Demand.  Holy WOW.  That was not what I was expecting.  Did I mention Steve was on shift so I was downstairs watching it by myself at about 11pm?  Oh dear.

4.  Got Spring Fever???? 

If you check out the Crate Paper blog today you will see some fun Spring inspired projects.  You'll also have a chance to leave a comment and win some new product.  If you don't have the new Crate you are missing out, so jet on over there and leave your digits.  :)  I didn't have time to create a project for this hop, but will have something springy to post this weekend so be sure to check back. 

5. Lastly, it's number 5.  She's 5.  I have a 5 year old.  My youngest.....  is five.  It is almost too much to fathom, lol. 

She's almost finished with preschool, and then it will be public school and Kindergarten in the fall.  No more preschool playdates.  No more Mrs Rau and Mrs Wilber and the weather person and the pet feeder and the hungry caterpillar and Marshmallow the Rat.  She was antsy the night before and didn't sleep well, so woke up on her birthday morning with a room filled with balloons and her mama whispering the birthday song in her ear.  When her eye's opened I asked her how she felt and she responded with "taller".  So we had to get out the chart and sure enough, she may be taller at 5 than Morgan was at 5.  WAH. 

I'm terrible about uploading videos on YouTube, but I did find a couple:

Reading @2 - actually, she had this book memorized, and if dad had started at the beginning, she would have been able to tell the whole story:

Payton's 2nd birthday.  This video slays me because of Morgan crying and throwing a fit.  Payton does that NOW.  It's comforting to know she'll eventually grow out of it because Morgan certainly has:

What do you get for a 5 year old girl on her birthday?  For some silly reason, she decided she wanted this:

Baby. All Gone.  Commit me now.  This baby spends all day saying "I'm thirsty", "I'm hungy", "I love bananas" and it just drives me nuts, but what cracks me up is that it also drives Payton nuts.  HA!  Now she knows what it feels like for Mom's to be harassed all day for snacks!  She'll stop mid-meal and say she's done with her, and then grabs her by the leg, drags her to her room, wraps her up and leaves her there.  oh my.  I can't wait for this kid to have kids of her own someday.  heeeeeee.  SWEET revenge.  love her.

I did ask her what she wanted to name her baby and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, a bit sarcastically, "um, Baby All Gone".  uh.  Okay.  :)

I hope you have a great day!  It's the first which means a new month for Project 12, and I'll be back with the new challenge in just a bit. 



  1. AH!!!Ha ha ha!! I remember that birthday!! I can't believe that was THREE years ago!!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Payton! Be blessed little Mama.

  3. Super cute layout and my gosh.. I LOVE Five on Friday! So fun!!!!!

    I have a Q: Black Swan.. Good or Bad? My husband is out of town and I can watch it by myself.. recommendations?????

  4. The cardmaps publication sounds fantastic! LOVE your basket weaving on your adorable layout! Fun fun sneak for Sketchbook 3, and to me, those stitches look PERFECT! CUTE picture of your adorable daughter! Too funny about the doll! Have you heard of Snuggle-Kins (Fisher Price makes them)? They can scare the tar out of you in the middle of the night. The purr and make all sorts of noises.

  5. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Such acute layout - love all the butterflies!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet Peyton!! She's so sweet!

  7. Oh my! That's what one feels when her last child gets to age 5? I have to prepare then, it will get here faster than I want! Your layout from the issue is simply delicious! Love that basket weaving idea!

  8. Oh, that baby doll cracks me up. Ha!! Love the Lil Gardener layout:)