Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey all

Kit arrival timed with the work week timed with the lack in Pink Paislee goodness combined to create a narrow window for kit work this month.  I do have some sneaks to share with you though, of the upcoming September kit from Studio Calico, Glee Club.

This layout is a 2 pager with 10 Instagram prints.  Woot!  I have to say, having my phone at the fair sure made it more fun.  I left my Canon at home, so it was one less thing to worry about.  My kids are too old for the double stroller now, so I didn't want to lug it around and worry about damaging it somehow.  Amy Tangerine's camera stamp was fun to use with this layout too (the camera stamp is in the main).

I'm excited about this layout because of the photos it has on it.  Lately Morgan has just not been interested in the camera, and I haven't felt the photos I've been taking really represented who she is.  I got a good smile on one of these pics, and it makes my heart smile because *that* is what she looks like.  She's adorable.  I think having so many teeth pulled (we are currently at 12) has bothered her a bit.  In recent weeks, she had to lose her "fangs" and she wasn't happy about it.  But she's so super cute.  She has a beautiful smile and deserves straight teeth.  That's what I keep telling her as we brave the dentist over and over (but I'm so glad to be done with that for a while.  It's time for the girl to pull one out on her own).

P.S.  The Sassafras chevron print in that gorgeous yellow?  I need 100 more of those.  You know I'm a kraft girl.  I usually need a neutral as my background.  But not this time.  :)   (this is in the main kit too). 

The same thing happens to me every year.  Last year it was Harvest Moon that did it to me.  I decide I don't need the Halloween themed add-on, and then I get my kit and start looking for photos to use and determine I HAVE to have it.  Last year I purchased Harvest Moon with the following kit and add-ons, and I'm going to do it again this year.  I didn't purchase Thespians, but I'm going to be jumping in line to do so for reveal.  I need to remind myself that SC does a fabulous job making a themed kit without a lot of themed product, which allows it to translate to other projects.   That said, this last sneak is Halloween themed, so I didn't really HAVE to have the Thespian add-on, although I still plan to get it. 

As it is I purchased two add-ons this month, #1 Pep Squad and #2 Debate Team. 

Shop Items:

Be sure to check out the Sew Easy tool and attachments.  I used the pennant for this sneak here (also part of that two pager above), and really adore it. 

It must be said that I have developed a love affair for the Glue Art Glider Pro, my scrapbook room is beginning to thank me for page protectors and AC albums because I'm finally getting a handle on the organization, and my stamps are finally getting a proper home thanks to these panels, which are now back in stock.  It's amazing how much more inspiring it is to create when your space is in some semblance of order, you know?

I'm still rearranging my space and can't wait to share.  I decided to move my girls in with me, so I've created a space for them in my room.  It's nice to be able to contain the "craft" in one room as opposed to the whole house.  Their former craft space, which was this hideout room under our stairs, is going to be the new reading/homework/quiet space.  I'll be sure to share pics when we are finished with that makeover.  I recently pinned this chalkboard contact paper and am anxious to check it out and see if it'll work.  The only thing I wonder about is the havoc from chalkboard dust.  I see chalkboards getting more and more popular and nobody ever mentions the dust.  Has chalk changed much in recent years? 



  1. Love all of your sneaks. That stitching is beyond gorgeous!!! I hear you about the chalkboard dust situation. I think sometimes what is "pinned" or popular items are not always the most logical for kids. No one mentions what a mess it makes, maybe they don't actually USE the boards. LOL

  2. Great sneaks! You'll have to let us know what you think of the chalk board contact paper!

  3. Erica w9:09 PM

    I have that paper but I bought some chalk pens to go with it. They work great and there is no dust. They wipe clean with a wet towel. If you search for the roll of chalkboard paper on amazon it will suggest the chalk pens.

  4. this has been DELIGHTFUL to read. very conversational, i feel like i'm right there in oregon talking to you :) i love your stitching and i'm anxious to see these in their full glory :)

    i worry about the dust too.

  5. um, those stitched pennants?!? eeeek! i'm in love!

  6. can't wait to see your pages in full! that stitching is fantastic! i got your email, will respond in a little bit :)