Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Words on Wednesday - What if?

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The problem with the WWW is that you eventually find yourself with people who share the same interests, which is great, but unfortunately can make for worldwide friendships.

If I were a millionaire,
my girls would go for lemonade and playdates with Steph's girls
We'd dash to Omaha to head the zoo with Lisa and her crew
check out the corn with Jen and take Nik to lunch on one of her long shift days.
then I'd make a dash to see Dani, because we hug the opposite coastlines.
Payton would have a playdate with Ashleigh in Australia for sure.
Then we'd check out Kelly and have her take us out for icecream.  Or donuts.  Or both. 

And that would just be on a weekend while dad was at work (well, if he took an overtime shift.  That'd be a long flight in the lear, lol)

Meanwhile, the house would be totally renovated because I would have hired out for that.  And it'd be full of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.  Fo.  Sho.

What about you? 

Have a great Wednesday!  Davinie


  1. I hear you! Hawaii to see Miss Joscie, Maine to see Miss Nicole, and Australia for Miss Tonya! Hmmm, maybe I could just send a Lear to pick them all up and bring them to me! :)

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Awwww we'd love to have you guys over anytime!! Seriously, you should come here, I promise you'll never want to leave :)

  3. OOh, sounds like a fun extravaganza:)

  4. ha- cute post! i'm happy to be included - you can come to NY anytime! :) i always told my husband computers were dumb and couldn't understand what his infatuation was with them. then i found scrappy sites and met good friends like you on opposite ends of the country!