Friday, November 18, 2011

Brooklyn Flea sneaks

Tomorrow morning (or today.... depending on where you live, lol), we are headed for our annual trip to the beach with my side of the family.  Good times ahead, but a long drive, because it snowed last night, is supposed to snow tonight, and the first part of our journey is a trip over the Cascade Range, so a normal drive from my house to Portland OR that would take 2.5 hours could take as much as..... 4.  Maybe more, depending on what pass we take.  So wish me luck in the truck with antsy kids!  

My December Daily is already packed up with a crop bag full of goodies, ready to be filled while at the coast.  Saturday is the first day of my "Tis the Season" adventures to-be-documented (I liked that title too, Jen).  I'm anxious and excited to get started, because then I'll know how prepared I am for a daily type journal.  I'm sure the gas receipts from the initial drive will be a treasure someday (you know, when the grandkids are laughing because gas was *only* $3.85 a gallon).  

In the meantime, though, I do have a couple of sneaks to share of the Brooklyn Flea kit from Studio Calico and those projects I finished before I left town.  I was going to finish up and leave my kit behind when I headed to the beach, but I still have time and inspiration left, so while I do have my assignments done, there could be a few extra pieces in my gallery this month.  

Here's a bit of what I've come up with so far:

This first one is the main kit only.  I thought the main kit stamp would make a great sunflower.  I stamped it with black Stazon and used Prima chalk in Moss Lawn for the Ormulu tag.  I also ADORE this layout.  I can't wait to share the whole thing.  

I made it while watching Water for Elephants.  I didn't care for the movie so much, it was nothing compared to the book, but the layout is great!  :)

This layout is a mix of a lot of things and makes me smile big time.  This is a nibble of a two pager, 8.5 x 11.

And that's all I can share for now.  I have more projects finished so will have another sneak post soon.

Have a great weekend!  Davinie


  1. Oh I am loving the peek!!!

  2. p.s. Drive safely! We have been dealing with all sorts of 'fun' adventures over on this side.. lots of black ice on the interstate... blech....

  3. lovelovelove! have a fun vaca!

  4. Have a fun vacation! Safe travels!
    Love your sneaks and I love how you used the main stamp to make a sunflower!

  5. Love the sneaks! Have a great time on vacation! And good to know on the movie--I'll have to check out that book first instead:)

  6. Jen Thompson3:14 PM

    Glad I could help ;) have a great time and LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneaks!!

  7. Fantastic sneaks! Have a great trip! Went over Santiam this weekend. Was not pretty...but slow and easy got us there and back with no problems!