Tuesday, November 29, 2011

crafTuesday- Countdown to Christmas, Advent ideas

So it's going to be a blog posting blitz for me this week.  There are a few things that got away from me, and a couple of things I want to post before December.

Aren't you lucky?  :)

Advent #1 - Santa's Beard

Counting down to Christmas is something fun in our family.  As I was yarding out the Christmas decor, I noticed we actually have several different ideas for counting down the days, and I wanted to share a few with you in the event you were looking for ideas.

This first one came from Pinterest.  I didn't see any reason to stray from the original.

Of course, I had to make two little santas, for my two little elves.  I made them last night while watching the finale of the Sing-Off (dont' worry, I want spoil it for you if tonight is your night to DVR).

I used some old MM sticker numbers from my stash.  Ran out of two's so utilized the Z's a bit.  But it turned out great!  This is going to be a fun little project for my girls.  They are both artists, so don't need the help, but this would be a great preschool craft to teach scissor skills.  Maybe someday with a snowman.  hmmm.

#2 - Starbucks advent tree

A couple years ago I got this Starbucks tree full of chocolate, and had to keep it to reuse.  I think this is the 3rd or 4th year for this one.  When you turn the box around you reveal bits of a scene, and it's Christmas when the full scene is revealed.  Payton saved me a few bucks this year.  I was going to use some little candies or tiny little gifts, but when she heard the word "advent" the girl went to town on said scissor skills, and it's full of tiny bits of paper in tiny shapes, and who knows what else.  I'm actually really looking forward to checking out what she came up with, especially for number 11.  Number 11 is important because it's her favorite number, she "likes the way it looks, and the way it sounds".  I'm sure she put something good in that one.....

#3 - Christmas books Advent

My absolute favorite advent idea is the countdown to Christmas book idea.  I heard about this a few years ago and think it's just genius.  I've always been baffled at the idea of Christmas books.  What do you do with them the rest of the year?  Are they just stacked amongst the other books?  I love the idea of wrapping them all up, to be opened during the holidays.  Starting 12/1, each night the girls will take turns choosing a wrapped book, and then we'll read it before bed.  We usually read a couple each night, so they will get to choose a wrapped book, and then we can choose one of the favorites that were already opened.  On the 24th, we read Twas the Night Before Christmas, so I don't wrap that one.  This particular one has the fold out pages where the paper jumps out at you as you turn the pages.  Love this version.  We got it several years ago from my Aunt.

The smartest idea I had was to purchase wrapping paper after Christmas last year, and then wrap the books before packing them away.  This helped with the let down post-holiday, and also saved me a ton of time this year.  It also keeps all the books a surprise from even me.  What fun!

These books are kept in a big basket with other holiday fodder, things like reindeer headbands, a snowman jack-in-the-box, a stuffed ornament that plays jingle bells when you squeeze it, light up reindeer noses.  Fun things to entertain the kiddos.

Tomorrow night, the 30th, is when we are going to introduce our little elf to the kiddos.  I wonder what they'll name her?  I'm actually excited about the antics she'll come up with.  I think it'll be fun for the hubby and I to take turns wreaking havoc.

Have a great night!  Davinie

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  1. Love these ideas! I also have a variety of advent activities. I am going to incorporate the books this year. We LOVE our Christmas books here!!!