Sunday, November 06, 2011

Studio Calico Handmade kit love - Post Alley Gum Wall

(the giveaway is still open for the Sketchpad class here.  I have to go into work early on Monday, so I won't draw a name until late afternoon).

As I've mentioned before, just before school started for the year, we made a mad dash to the Washington area to get the kids to the beach and visit family. 

One of the places we visited at the end of our journey was my sister in Seattle.  We went to the aquarium and walked around downtown, doing the touristy thing.  When I was shopping around for t-shirts I happened across a lot of periphernalia for the Gum Wall, and had to check it out, as I'd never heard of it before.

Around the corner from the flying fish at the Pike Street market is an alley.  It's FILLED with gum.  Gross, yes.  But it was actually pretty cool.  We all added to the pop culture art, and of course, had to get a photo or two. 

I broke my "new to me" trusty Royal for the journaling.  I love how much more journaling I can add to a layout with this thing, and how I can type right where I want without formatting a shape in photoshop, etc.  I love that thing.

I told you I loved the SC paper that was available for November.  I really dig that gray print.  And that's a bit of the More Gray add-on too.  

I wanted the layout to be dark because we were in a back alley in the evening, but it was about gum, so I had to use circles and pops of pink.  I really liked that OA paper which was key in deciding to use these photos, but ended up with only a strip of it.

The title was inspired by the sign for the alley:

Strangely fascinating, isn't it?!  Your kids would love it.  :)



  1. definitely completely gross, but you've magicked it into an amazing layout.

  2. SO gross, but that photo is kind of pretty!