Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Studio Calico Reveal - County Fair

Every time I write it I type fairy.  Someone has an excess of estrogen in their household.  heee.

It's December 27.  9pm my time.  That means it's reveal night at Studio Calico and time to share what I managed to put together between wrapping gifts and making cake pops.

The kit:

Say hello to County Fair:

My add-ons of choice were Ring Toss, Kissing Booth and Photo Booth.  Shooting Gallery is equally as lovely, but I was trying to hold myself back. 

If I had to choose just one add-on this month, it'd definitely be Photo Booth I think.

I adore the corrugated alphas, and I think I used the buttons on every layout.  I also love the stamp and the Kesiart paper.....  the list goes on and one.  Unfortunately for the DT, the product is new enough we didn't have a chance to play with either alpha in this add-on in time for reveal, but if we had, you would have seen more projects from me.  I loved this one.

Another great add-on is the Kissing Booth add-on.  I used bits here and there.  It's the most affordable add-on this month too, at under $20.  So that's great!  I have plans for those envelopes, just ran out of days (I am one of those girls still in denial that we've already passed Halloween, let alone all the special holidays at the end of the year).


The projects:

This first layout was made with the main kit only:

Payton is in Kindergarten this year, and the class pet is this stuffed dog named Daisy.  Payton was the lucky girl who got to take her home for her first week-long play date.  Daisy came in a carrier, and had a toothbrush, a book, and a notebook to jot down your adventures.  Oh my, we had fun with her while she was here.

Such a great idea for a class pet for a Kindergarten class!

I loved the BG chipboard ribbons, and had to use the #1 friend circle for a layout about this pup.  I also ADORE this woodgrain paper.  I'm so glad I got the more paper add-on because I definitely needed another piece, and it's OA which means I definitely needed to get the add-on in order to get it in my hands.  The B side of that paper is the blue polkadot that I trimmed with a scallop punch.  Loved both sides.   I also loved the PP wood alphas!

This next layout put my sewing machine to work:

My sister zipped by and snapped some photos of our family to use for our Christmas cards, and this general pose won by a landslide so I had to use it on a layout.  I wanted to keep it simple yet interesting, and knew exactly how that was going to work out when I saw this quilt:

This is a chevron/herringbone.  It's actually chevron but they are calling it a herringbone.  It's a chevron print because the vertical line meets up, and a herringbone print wouldn't.  But there you go.

Anyway, I adore this quilt.  I want the blue one very very much.  I was just about to hit buy on a nice one for my own bed when I saw the color is called Wedgewood, which gave me pause.  In the photo it has a teal/gray color to it.  But Wedgewood is definitely a blue that I'm not interested in.  What do you think?  Does it look teal/gray to you?  Because if so I want it very very bad.

As for the layout, I trimmed out other pieces and stitched them before adhering just to add some additional texture to the layout.  I really love the look of it all.

As it was a busy month, I only have three projects to share, and the last one kept my sewing machine working and is a bit on the festive side.  On this one I made a wee booboo, but I hope you will forgive me:

When I got my kit the OA miscellany pack was in my box.  I was thinking it was an additional shop item for this month that I had purchased, so I used it on my layout.  But I'm a scatterbrain.  It was a shop item LAST month.  So....  it isn't in the shop anymore.  The good thing about this is that if you are a shopper at SC, you may have purchased it, which means that you have it on hand right now and may need ideas on how to use it. So here you go!

I was inspired by the red SC paper and the greens in the main kit for a Christmas layout.  And I made this layout while listening to holiday music, so it worked out really well and I had fun with it.  I wanted to use circles because of that KesiArt paper, so trimmed them out and then adhered them with plenty of stitching in a pattern for fun.  I then bent the edges up a bit to help them pop off the page.

This chipboard piece (from that darn OA pack) is nekkid except for some Calico Shine.  LoVE.  Who can't use a little sparkle in their life?

I hope you've found some inspiration here and that if you are an SC subscriber or shopper, you get what you wanted this month!


Products that made it happen:


  1. Lovin' your projects!!! Happy New Year! :)

  2. OH !!!! I love your gallery!! this quilted stitched background is marvellous!! you are so talented!!! I wish I had an ounce of your talent!!!!

  3. Love all of these, but especially the first and last layout! So perfect and so you!