Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stretch your kit winner and some Sunday Studio Calico sneaks

And the giveaway (or givewaway, if that's what I type, lol) goes to:  

Hi all!  WOWee, exciting weekend at my house.  Miss Morgan turned 8 and it turned into quite the extravaganza.  Yesterday she had a roller skating party with friends, and I can't wait to share the details of her party.  I asked a friend to make her a roller skating tutu, and then another friend generously volunteered to make her the coolest pair of leg warmers I've seen, we partied hard, and now our house looks like Christmas Day, covered from one end to the next with birthday party loot.  This morning she's already made a pot with her new pottery wheel, and right now she's working on a poster for her room  "Girl's Rock!" and all that.

Anyway, I need to choose a winner for the Stretch your Kit class taught by Amy Tan for Studio Calico.  That winner is:

Blogger Allison said...

It's sunny and 70F the only emergency is whether or not to bring a sweater along ;) Stay safe!
2:34 PM

Congratulations Allison!  Amy will put on a great class and I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it!
Friends, there's still time to register if you think it would help you.  I'm sure it'll be full of inspiration!  You have until the end of the month.  Class starts February 1.  Check it out here.

On to sneaks:

I have a few Studio Calico sneaks to share today too.  I'm busy plugging away.  LOOOOVE the Neopolitan goodies from American Crafts/ Dear Lizzie.  She hit it out of the ballpark on that one.  This new CHAW12 product will be in the kits this month.  I had a lot of fun with the new prints that were in the main.  You can see that here:

The color on that polkadot is beyond delicious.  Be sure to add the MORE paper add-on to your cart this month if you are shopping away.  So fabulous.

I'm a mixer so there are bits from other kits in this photo, but the base polka, and the floral and pink at the top (with the numbers) is all Neopolitan from the main kit.  The mistable trim is too.  The aqua polkadot and the garland are from add-on 2, Lady Lane, and the card is from #4, Stepping Stone.

I put my Silhouette to work (LOVE that thing), and used the stamp set from Stepping Stone (another declaration of mad love for that).

The blue polkadot is a background stamp from add-on 1, Clarksville.  I think this is my favorite background stamp because it's a polkadot and really can be used on every layout.  I also like that I just have a nibble of it showing here.  I don't want to have to see the whole 4x6 stamp set.  Another reason I love it?  I needed a blue color for this layout, so I created it myself by stamping on cardstock and trimming it out.  So with that said, I'd definitely recommend Jenni Bowlin Speckled Egg ink as the one shop item to add to your kit purchase. It's a great blue for this kit.  

This last one was made with the main kit only.  Compared to the first sneak I shared, isn't it amazing how versatile this kit is?!  I just love it all.  And that heart woodgrain?  The SC paper?  LOVE.

Don't forget, lots of exclusives in that main kit as well as the new Dear Lizzie products.  This is a good one.

Have a great day!  Davinie


  1. I look forward to seeing birthday details! Great sneaks!

  2. Yay!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait!

    I LOVE those stamps, setting my alarm to be sure I get them ;)

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Gorgeous! I am so so so excite about this kit because of all the dear lizzy products! I think I definitely need an add on (or two) this month ;)