Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project 12 - life goes on

It would seem that my last post was a great quote to use.  Obviously Davinie is swamped and blogging is something that's taken a backseat.  It's a bummer because I have plenty to share...  I just don't always have time to sit down and do the sharing.

If you jumped on the SCT blog on March 15, you would have seen a Project 12 post from me, but I haven't had a chance to share it here yet.  This is what I came up with for my March post:

It was based on the Feburary 2010 sketch Becky Fleck did for my challenge which can be found here.  They are in .pdf format and you can print the sketches right out.  That makes creating layouts much easier.  :) 

My layout was also inspired by the March Colour Suite challenge.  You can check out the challenge and the color palette here. 

I found I've been taking a lot of phone photos, so decided to only use phone photos to document the first half of March for this layout.  Everything is equally grainy, lol.  DANG I wish I had my husband's 4s.  If not for Siri that phone would be mine.  hmph. 

I still documented our everyday and used 16 photos on a single layout too.  We had baking and makeover,s birthday flowers and snow days, with some playdates and school mixed in too.  I think it captures our life well, but I really need to get Steve in front of that camera.  He's simply not a fan.  :)

To get the general and random thoughts down I have a monthly planner that I use for my Project 12 as well as my Project Life stuff.  Some days are monotonous, some days are hectic because I'm doing everything and dad is at the firestation for 48 hours, but this planner helps me remember what happened when, which also helps in organizing everything. 

Have you had sick kids lately?  Morgan has missed more school days this year than in all of her previous schooling combined.  She just gets hit with these low grade fevers that are too high to send her to school, and just lies around like a limp noodle or snookers me into playing Mario Brothers on the Wii.  Ack.  :)

I hope you are having a wonderful March!  It is now Spring Break at our house and we plan to camp next week and then celebrate a certain someone's 6th birthday on Friday.  Fun times ahead!  I hope the weather cooperates and it isn't raining the whole time, lol.  But if it's raining and we are stuck inside, let the campground at least have wifi.  ha!


P.S.  Going to see the Hunger Games with the hubby this afternoon.  Woot!

P.P.S.  Back tomorrow with Studio Calico sneaks and a giveaway for a seat in Sketchbook 4!  You won't want to miss this class, and if you have purchased a seat already and win a spot, you can get your money back.  :) 


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I hope this is the place that we get a chance to win the space in the Sketch class. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  2. Great layout Davinie! I just finished up my Feb. one and need to get pictures. I'm going super simple this year due to lack of time! My kiddos have been hit with the bugs too. My son is on his 3rd in 4 weeks! :-0 We plan on camping next weekend also. Unless there is snow, then I refuse to go!

  3. Fantastic Layout...I love the simple and clean look that you gave to this layout..gorgeous, I hope that you enjoy the movies...hugs

  4. Ok so I'm not doing Project Life, BUT, your post has got me really wanting to organize my life better and document my everyday things in a planner! Guess I *should* actually bite the bullet and do PL! Duh!! LOL. Anyways, I totally feel you on sick kiddies, my daughter spent ALL of December and January sick with various illnesses. Preschool is so costly, and then to have her miss out on almost all of it... ACK is a good word for how I felt too! Hope your little one is feeling better ;)