Monday, January 21, 2013

Gossamer Blue January and the February LookBook

I was super excited to Guest Design for Gossamer Blue for the month of January.  I've missed having a kit at my door and was really looking forward to working with coordinated products.  I don't have an LSS so it's always been nice to have a personal shopper.  It's been so long since I've felt inspired in that way.  It's been a long time since it felt like art and expression and telling a story.  

Of course my first layout of 2013 had to include a photo of myself in it.  For someone who doesn't like self-portraits I sure have my mug out there lately.  Not sure what that's all about.

Payton took this random photo one day and I thought it turned out really well so I have been using it all over the place.  This first layout includes the main kit only:

I really really liked the bokeh paper so had it include it.  That color palette is gorgeous.  Then it was just a matter of playing with some supplies I haven't touched in a while, like circle punches and my DMC floss.  I have been hand stitching long before it became popular on layouts.  I used to cross-stitch as a kid.  It's nice to see it getting so much attention in the industry now, and because it's so easy to do, I had to include it on my layout.

I love chipboard, and while I'm not a speech bubble person, I like the effect with the buttons on this page.

This next layout was made with photos we took at the Reindeer Ranch that is just 2 miles from our house.  These reindeer live there year round.  That has been an interesting conversation with the girls over the years (especially if they forget to tuck Santa's Sleigh in a storage building or something.  Must they leave it out for the kids to see every time we drive by?????)  We stopped by for a visit with a couple reindeer, hot cocoa, and a picture with Santa that supported a local high school sport team.  We also got our tree from their lot that day.  We were too busy to get to the hills on the weekend in December this year.  

I mixed a few prints from the kit in a patchwork of sorts along the bottom of this one.

The title was cut with my cameo.  I wasn't sure what I'd think at first, but the color kit and that gold pearl pen was SO FUN.  It's almost like puffy paint.  I applied it to the title and let it dry overnight to be sure it was set before I added it to my layout.  I also squeezed a few drops at the top.  I love that it dried with dimension.  It was more fun to use it than I anticipated.  I want another one in a different color!  

This next layout was fun too.  I made some wonky angles at the top and cut out that polka dot vellum from the color add-on, added a snowflake from the digital files that come with the main kit, and had fun with color.

Since my girls were babies they have gone over to Steve's parent's house to make Christmas cookies.  Many time it happened on a day where I had to work so Steve would take them over there and maybe take a phone photo or I'd see a photo they took at some point.  But I rarely have been there on a time when I also had a camera with me.  I was thinking about that tradition the other day so searched around and did manage to find a photo from 2010 documenting this event.

The kids really look forward to it every year.  This year we were too busy before Christmas to find a day to get them there (we were busy every weekend and kids were in school until the Friday before Christmas) so it was after Christmas before they got a chance to bake.  But we made it happen because it is important.  I am so lucky to have such involved extended family for my girls.  These are precious memories for them.  

With that, there are 3 contributions from me for the Gossamer Blue gallery this month.  It was a really nice kit to work with and had some of my favorite manufacturers included.

I loved the atmosphere and working with Lori so much that when the opportunity came up, of course I decided to keep my feet firmly planted and will remain on the team going forward.  I am so excited!  She is genuine and warm and has her finger on the pulse of the industry, makes customer service a priority, and has a beautiful vision on what products will work together.  Sure, I'm totally busy with school right now, but I graduate in just a few short months.  I finish student teaching with my first grade classroom in mid-April and then I graduate the first week in May.  So bear with me as I work to make time for this art I love.  I have a notebook filled with all sorts of ideas and inspiration.  I am just waiting for the time in order to be able to share what I've been thinking about.

In the end I hope to share how scrapbooking can be included in the lives of regular people.  I'm not going to school to be a Graphic Designer.  I'm not fancy.  I live in a regular house in a small community.  I'm not trying to impress you with my grandeur.  I want to be a teacher.  I want to enrich the lives of children.  I am a hands-on person and feel I have so much to offer that I had to go back to school to make a difference.  There are schools in my community where most students qualify for free and reduced lunch.  My heart pulls me to those kids.  I am also a regular Mom who wanted to be on the same schedule as my family, who loves the outdoors and can't stay cooped up indoors all the time.  My husband doesn't work a M-F schedule, so for me to get on the same schedule as our kids frees up so much time for our family.  Holiday breaks and summer adventures.  Our family is SO excited at the possibilities for us going forward.  Most people live like me.  They are busy with their life and have to carve out time for hobbies  There is still a way to include art in a regular life though.  That's one reason I created the Project 12 challenge.  Freedom to live the life that you photograph.

It looks like there may be a few January Main Kits available.  As you contemplate that, check out the look book for what is coming up in February.  I am working with this kit right now and all I can tell you is:  Crate Paper Fourteen.  LOVE.    

Have a great day!  Take a photo with your kids as part of Aleida's challenge and take time to enjoy this precious life.    Davinie

ETA:  Had to include a Monday morning not wearing makeup letting the wrinkles hang out morning after a slumber party windy day wild kids in the backyard but this is us pic, with each of my girls:

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  1. Love the new look on your blog! Lovely pages too!

  2. Glad to see you scrapping again. It makes me want to cut and glue paper! I feel the itch but things haven't settled down enough yet, I'm hoping soon. Glad to hear that you found a good fit for you and your family. Best of luck to you!

  3. So happy to be on this team with you! Your January layouts were wonderful!! And I hear you on just about EVERYTHING in this post. We are very similar, you and I. ;)

  4. So glad to see some "classic Davinie" in action:)

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  8. Hi Davinie,

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    the colors of your blog are very serene, it was a joy to come and visit you this morning ;-)

    Greetings from the Windy City ~

  9. Jen Thompson5:49 PM

    This is such great news! I havent bought a Gossamer Blue kit but love what I have seen so far, congrats Davinie!