Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is it weird that I'm all in a tither over a pair of shoes?

I happened to run across a couple of coupons, so got a $60 pair of Skechers for $29.99... FREE shipping. My favorite man in the big brown truck came over last night, and brought me a delicious box that contained these:

I know I'm behind the times, and people have been wearing this style for a while... but I'm busy with small children and spending my cash on scrapbooking supplies... I kinda forgot to do nice things for myself.

These shoes are inspiring to me... I almost slept with them last night! lol I love the different patterns on the side... very vintage yet hip at the same time. And you can wear them with skirts, capris, khakis... they can dress you up for a night out with the hubby without being TOO dressy, because I don't do that... I just think they are super cute. Can't wait to take them somewhere and show them off!

So. If you love shoes, go here. Seriously. Great deals. Always free shipping. Super cute shoes.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    How cute are these? GOt me some, but they're the meshy ones--ya know, definitely not as cute.
    I'm feeling kinda spendy now---thanks girl and enjoy your new sneaks.

  2. If you think you need a lesson on blog designs....think again...take a look at mine....I don't even know how to properly size pics! AND, I post books I've read, one, in particular that should have been 'Girlfriends,' instead it posted a cover of 'A Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy,' so unbeknownst to me....I had people thinking I was pregnant!!!
    Your site looks fabulous, love your running slide show of layouts!

  3. CUTE! Do you wear those with or without socks?