Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ever wanted to Fly?

I was just directed to this and I couldn't believe it! I wish I had seen that man fly by my house... I live just down the road from his takeoff point. There is even a website about this craft:

Ballooning in the sky

How do they even get balloons that big? What an adventure that would have been. I think it's funny that he was fined $1500 for violating air space. But it looks like after he disembarked his ballooning equipment flew away. There's a reward being offered for the recovery of his lawn chair... so keep your eyes peeled! haha

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  1. you must be near Bend Oregon! I grew up in Redmond.
    Love your scrappin style. I was checking my referrals on my site meter on Todays Creative Blog and found you. Glad I did. I see you have me linked......thank you, that's so nice of you.