Saturday, July 07, 2007

What are you up to? Today is 7/7/07... some say it's lucky, but whatever you think, you'll never experience another date like it in your lifetime. Over at IMCK I offered up a challenge for today. Take a photo. It could be of your dishes, the flowers in your yard, the amount of laundry you need to do, your kiddos... whatever. But what is something that happened to you, or what did your life look like on 7/7/07? Do a layout about it. Share it with me! The deadline for layouts at IMCK is 7/17/07. That's 10 days to do a little something. Think about it. Let it spark your creativity!


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  1. Hi davinie,
    just wanted to say i really like ur blog page, im new 2 scrapbooking came up with the idea as a present 4my mums im v overwhelmed by the diff makes and ideas! i found ur blog very inspiring & hopefully it'l help me find my bearings. i also love the cmk website. any tips for someone starting out hoping to achieve their first scrapbook album?
    vik in n.ireland.