Thursday, July 12, 2007

So you think I can scrap?

I guess we'll find out! Scrappers Bliss is having a summer long contest inspired by the Fox TV show So you think you can Dance. I made it to the top 20 contestents that will be competing in this contest with the following entry:

We have been divided into two teams of 10 and each week are given a style to use for a layout... I'm not exactly sure how the voting is going to work, but in any event, the style I drew for the first week was Urban Chic. The designer I was given as an example of Urban Chic was my friend Leslie Ashe.
Urban chic, according to the Layout Blueprints, style defined book, is described as:
This style is for the urban jungle types. It is all about "glam". Bright colors, jewels, sparkles, shiny metals, pen outlining, sequins and other sparkles are prominent. The presence of black and white paired with bright colors is practically a must. It often has heavily inked edges and often is on white backgrounds. Some stitching can be spotted in this style. You may also find shiny glass or plastic in nice neat shapes. You may spot minimal doodling and pen out lining but the Urban Chich is not the do it yourselfer, she would rather add sparkle than doodles. Think big city, bright lights and noise. Think Party Girl. Urban chic is a fun time....
My layout is finished and has been submitted, and I can't wait to share it. I actually enjoyed creating it more than I thought I would... as I would NOT define my style as urban chic. But wish me luck in the contest! I have been having a busy summer, so I hope I am able to find the time to create something I'm proud of!

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