Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've been at the Beach... and such

I went camping at the beach! I have been dying to take my girls to the beach this summer... I really wanted my sweet Payton to get her piggies in the sand now that she can walk. My husband had already taken a day off last week so that we could camp, so I convinced him to combine the two, and we grabbed our dear friends the Hagans and took our campers/trailers to the coast... a 5 hour drive. It seemed as if EVERY campground was full, but we ended up snagging the last two spots at a campground 7 miles inland from Tillamook. It was ideal! It was along a slow moving part of the Kilchis river, so it was deep enough to swim but slow moving enough to be safe for a 3 year old to play near. And it was only a short drive to the ocean.

As expected, my girls LOVEd it. They LOVE the surf. We'd set Payton down on the beach, and in the ocean she'd run. Then we'd pick her up, race back up the beach, and set her down again. They both had a blast. Morgan loved jumping waves and building sandcastles... oh how I hated to come home!

I didn't take as many photos as I normally do, because I kept worrying about sand getting in my Rebel... and I decided it was more fun to play with the family than to observe from behind the lens.

I've already scrapped our family photo though! I had a 6am deadline on Wednesday morning, so Tuesday night I finally found the time to do my layout for the 5th challenge at Scrapbook Lifestyle. This time the challenge was PAINT. You had to use at least 3 colors. I used blue and green mixed with a dimensional medium for my background, and then painted my blue circle with white paint. I used Fancy Pants and Rusty Pickle papers for this layout, as well as a delicious Hambly screenprint. I think it looks quite beachy!

Link to the gallery:

Link to the voting:

Check out what the top 10 did with the paint challenge and vote! :)

Wowee, it's almost already the weekend! I'm teaching a layout class at my LSS Scrapbooking Outside the Box tonight... there is still some room left. Here's both layouts:

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Sounds so fun!! I really love your family layout!!

  2. cute, cute, cute!

  3. awesome layouts!!

    You should come check out our challenge blog. Would love to see you enter.