Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My baby got a haircut... and CPS 25

For the first year of her life, my sweet little lamb had very little hair. What she did have was platinum blond, so she spent that first year with what we called the dust ruffle, a bit of length that ran the back of her little head... and little hair anywhere else. I never really cut it at all until I decided she needed bangs, and for some reason, she had bangs that started from .... well, might as well have started at that dust ruffle, I had them trimmed so far back. EEK! It took me a while to grow them out... but then her hair started coming in rather quickly, and then it started growing really long, so every once in a while I'd snip the hair out of her eyes, look at the back, occasionally even it up again..... and then my sweet girl was doing an art project one morning, before I had done her hair, and because a big mass of sweet "lellow" goodness was laying right on the paper she was working on... well, she took a little snip of it. I decided it probably meant it was time for a proper trim. After all, at this point, her hair is almost to her waist! I love her hair.
We had a long talk about how only mommy or the lady at the salon can cut her hair. And then I made her first hair appointment. On the day of, she didn't want to go, because she thought the salon was a doctor's office and that she would be getting a poke. But when I assured her they were just going to cut her hair, and afterwards, they'd sprinkle her hair with sparkles, she was on board. That said, my little monkey is not a fan of the camera, so I didn't get the sweet smiles I was hoping for, but I'll take what I can get, because it's her. And it's her fun personality, shining through.



Isn't that a fun chair?
Morgan's not really a fan of the hairdryer, but she allowed it as long as it was on LOW.


One headband, one cute necklace, and one adorable girl later.....

Oh man, wouldn't it have been great if she had given me a pretty, genuine smile? If anyone has any thoughts on how to get her to do that, I'd appreciate it. She has a great smile, but does NOT like to share it when the big bad camera is out.

I'll leave you with my interpretation of CPS 25. I participated in a swap at Scrappers Bliss and my girl got me a bucket full of Love, Elsie Roxie. And THEN my inlaws were on a road trip and since they were stopping in at a Hobby Lobby, I asked them to pick me up a little somethin' somethin', as I live in Oregon and would have to drive to Utah in order to check it out. Well, sweet people that they are, they got a little overwhelmed in the Love, Elsie, aisle, and got me ONe. Of. EVEryTHING. EEK! I have a LOT of work to do. Check it out:

There are FOUR mini albums in that loot. EGADS! I have plans for the blue flower one, but I'm fairly overwhelmed myself by the rest of it. I'm excited about those stamps on the left, though. I didn't know Elsie had stamps! CHA was a couple of weeks ago. I am going to have to get working in order to get through this before the new stuff begins to hit stores. I might have to do a little RAK or something so that some of this goes to good homes!

Anyway, here's my card with some Roxie charms and chipboard buttons. I also used some Making Memories patterned paper with my cardstock, and stitched like mad! :

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Love your CPS card, the colours you chose are great!!

  2. Great card, love that paper.

  3. Hi Dav!! That card is awesome...I really love the stitching that you did. The little Love, Elsie embellishment is the perfect touch too! Thanks for playing at CPS this week!

  4. She is such a cutie!!!

    If you need help with your Elsie, you just let me know. :) I'd be happy to drive down and give you a hand.

  5. love your card! great pics too! awesome loot also! Christine