Monday, January 21, 2008

A Butterfly Fairy Princess.... and her party hat

I have been really busy so didn't have time to send out birthday party invitations for Morgan's 4th birthday, which was yesterday. To make up for it, I decided, as a crafty Mama, I had to make her something, and went for a birthday crown.

I was inspired by this

and this

for the makings of my crown.... which I started at about 8pm the night before. Why do I always wait until the last minute? I dusted off my Quickutz and an old butterfly die cut to make the rim around the bottom, as the theme for Morgan's party was Butterflies. And fairies. And a princess thrown in. Oh, and a ballerina. Wow, it was very stressful and frustrating to plan for this party, because she changed her mind every five minutes and I was afraid to commit to anything!

I also used lots of Doodlebug glitter that I got in my December kit from Studio Calico and I used some Heidi Swapp jewels for the butterflies. I actually used some of my stash for the butterflies themselves... some Making Memories and old Rusty Pickle thrown in there. The base for my crown, as usual, is Worldwin Cardstock. I know I work there, but it's fabulous stuff, I tell ya!

My girl couldn't be any happier with her birthday crown. I think I've started another annual project! I am happy about it though. I love that she has something homemade by her mama to celebrate her bithday with, and with this princess, her mama doesn't have to make cakes anymore. I've noticed that Morgan doesn't eat cake, so this year I took the pressure off myself and had her help me pick out a cake from Baskin Robbins.

It was white cake with an ice cream called "Icing on the cake". Oh boy that was good ice cream. I have never had it before, but it was like cake dough ice cream or something. It had little sprinkles in it. It was DELISH and this cake was a big hit so I'll probably do it again. The only thing that disappointed me was their lack of selection for decoration..... their cake guy wasn't willing at all to sway from the picture in the book and there wasn't a lot to choose from, so we went for the Barbie Ballerina. The Ballerina even spun around so Morgan was excited about it. But at first she was hellbent on this Nemo cake... oy vey.... but I eventually had her in a more theme-appropriate avenue so we both left the shop happy with our choice.

Yesterday morning we got snow, our first snow since Christmas, so after the festivities all the kids headed outside for some serious sled time. All in all it was a very fun event and Morgan had a great day! We got her a VTech digital camera as one of her gifts.... she's always wanting to take photos with my Rebel and that just can't happen. She also got this super cute jewelry box that plays Swan Lake... I just think it's so adorable and the song is so sweet. I hope she always treasures it. Right now she keeps toting it back and forth around the house and playing the song. Let's all cross our fingers that the ballerina STAYS in that box.

So now I have a 4 year old. Wow. And Payton will be 2 at the end of March. Hands. Full.

Happy Monday!


  1. That crown turned out so adorable Dav!!! She must have been a happy girl to wear that at her party.

  2. Oh Just Gorgeous, GIRL!!! WOW!!!!! I need to mark this blog entry as a favorite of the favorites for future use!!!

  3. you have a beautiful girlie there DaV...and the crown is awesome!! (Allie's bday is in May, ok?!)


  4. The crown is beautiful. Just as beautiful as the little girl wearing it. :o) What a great birthday! Will you be my mom? LOL!

  5. Ohhh, that cake sounds delish! I love ice-cream cakes... I get them at Dairy Queen for special occasions ;)

    She looks so cute in her hand-crafted with love craown!

  6. I LOVE this crown! Super cute! And so is Morgan!

  7. Cute crown!!!! Too bad you didnt' live close to me....I would of done your cake the right way. :)