Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am Elizabeth Bennett.... and I made some cards.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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I am Elizabeth Bennet..... and I really think I am Elizabeth Bennet.... And do you know what one of my all time favorite movies is? This one:

I just love this movie. And this version. I've been told I need to see the Lifetime Movie... but do I? I just adore the actor who played Mr Darcy...

Speaking of movies... oh lucky me I actually got to spend the day with my hubby on Sunday! We dropped the kids off at his parent's and went shopping and saw a matinee. I wanted to see Juno, but with timing and everything, we ended up seeing this:

Wow, that's a tiny pic. It was Fools Gold with Kate Hudson and my Matthew. It was really cute! It was a good choice.

I saw two previews while waiting for our movie to start and I have to share them with you. I thought both looked really good! And Steve Carell is so darn funny I could watch him trying to get out of a phone booth all day..... Then again.... it's been so long since I've been to a movie, even 10,000 BC looked good in previews and I can tell you I probably WON'T be seeing that one. My hubby HATES too much special effects. Anywho... take a peeky:

And that's all I have today! I do have some Worldwin projects to show you though. The first used a yummilicious combo of olive green and pink, which matched some MME paper so I had to include it:

And I was inspired by MM Chelsea Place for this card:

The green paper is more of Worldwin's new Ruche line. It's like felt paper. It really is quite delicious, and I know I've said that before, but it's worth saying again. Yum. I also used my new handy Martha Cosmos punch and some Maya Road stamps. And of course I added a little stitch here and there.

Happy Hump Day! The Project Runway finale is TONIGHT! I was sad to see Chris go last week because I really liked him, but seriously Chris.... HUMAN HAIR? weird. My pic is probably..... Christian. I don't think I want Rami to win, so it's either Christian or Jillian to me. What's interesting is how all three went to the manly dark armor for their collections so it will be really cool to see all three shows and the different interpretations of a similar theme.

So there! Thanks for stopping by!

EDITED to add:
I have just heard some terrible news for my middle school self. It has been confirmed that Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic Cancer. This is sad to me because one of my all time favorite movies is Dirty Dancing. When I was young and that movie came out, my mom would NOT let me watch it, so I saw it every time I went on a slumber party to one of my girlfriend's houses. lol One day Mom finally saw it, despite the title, and loved it so much we bought it. I could quote it line by line I have seen it so many times.
Another favorite Patrick Swayze moment is when Chris Farley and he did that skit on Saturday night live. Oh man. One of the funniest. Skits. Ever.

I'm so sad to hear another one of my movie heroes is ill. I hope it's just a rumor and that I see him in another film soon.


  1. First- congrats on the PC toot! Saw that over at 2Peas just a second ago.

    Those cards are really super cute! You are just becoming the little card queen, aren't you! Tee hee!

    And I am so with you on the Patrick Swayze thing. I actually just watched Dirty Dancing on Sunday- I can quote it line for line. Hopefully with the amount of money he has, they will be able to take a really aggressive approach to his cancer, and might be able to get past it.

    HUGS Davinie...hope you are having a great week!


    PS- I totally forgot to tell you I wasn't going to CHA. Casey's basketball tournament ended up starting the Thursday after CHA, which I promised I would be at. So, CHA was a no go for me. We will have to have that bottle of water some other time! Tee hee!

  2. I loved those movie previews. Definately want to see both.

    Gorgeous cards, as always ;o)

    And I really hope it's not true about Patrick Swayze.
    I hope it is a rumour!

    Have a great day Davinie

    Kelly xxx

  3. Lovely cards. I love cards but I don't make good ones! LOL!

    Thanks for peeping in on my blog!

  4. totally tagging you :) check out my blog please.

  5. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Oh, that olive and green card is just yummy!!! How fun that you and your dh got to see a the theater! That's a rare treat.
    And the Dirty Dancing thing...we could be twins. My fave movie too and I could recite all the lines too.
    Nobody puts Baby in the corner. ;)

  6. YAY you on the PC not surpriseed about that either. Your cards are AMAZING too! xoxo

    I am so sad about Patrick Swazey toooooo I can not believe this. Your blog is the first I've even heard about this...and he is definitely one of my heart throbs...however I was in HIGHschool when he was big...hense...I'm a bit older than you, so technically I have a better chance with him right? Bwahahahaha!! looks like I'm not the only one who has tagged you too...hehehe..can't wait to see your tag.
    Love ya,

  7. yes, it is true about him. sadly, it's the worst cancer and my father passed away from it. i'm praying for him and his family and they are being optimistic. i just know first-hand what this form of cancer does and it's not good.

  8. Congrats on the PC pub!!! You are just rolling out those fab cards lately. So sad about Patrick, LOVE him!

  9. yeah, i just heard the news on swayze this morning. it's really upsetting to hear this about anyone.
    but, just wanted to let you know that i love the cards. and, your post on pride & prejudice reminds me that i would like to see the version you wrote about. but, my husband doesn't do well with those movies. i'll have to hunt it down on cable.

  10. Seriously--watch the BBC version of Prida and Prejudice---it is SOOO good!

  11. I totally agree with Alyca. You MUST watch the A&E/BBC version of Pride & Prejudice! It is 6 hours long, so it goes into much greater detail than the big screen version (which I also adore). My husband is a HUGE Jane Austen fan, so we've even seen the Bollywood version :)

  12. The new Pride and Prejudice is also one of my fave movies! Mr. Darcy makes me swoon. :)

    Beautiful the pink and olive together.

    I, too, am so sad to hear about Patrick Swayze's illness. Here is to hoping that he proves the doctors wrong.

  13. Hey Davy Dav!
    love your cards :)
    and I totally agree with the Patrick Swayze/Chris Farley skit. IT NEVER GETS OLD! I die laughing every time.

  14. Love the cards! I also think Christian's is the best and I agree the human hair thing was weird. I kept thinking where did he get it and that it could have been used for the locks of love program instead.

  15. OMG that was hilarious!!! I forgot about that one, and Patrick's body...oh my YUM! How terrible for him though. I love Chris Farley too. I think I watched every episode when he was on.
    Congrats on your PC pub too!