Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Wowee. I've been tagged. Not one time. Not two times. 3 times. So I had better post or I'll be tagged again, lol. Caroline , Emily , and my friend Kimberly allll tagged me for 7 things about myself to share with everyone in blogland. Hmm. 7 things. 7. Okay:
1. I was just "elected" as the Registrar for my daughter's preschool. And I think that is very cool. My kids are spaced out enough that I will be involved with the school for another 3 years anyway, so I figured I should be part of the board, lol. I work part-time from home in the health insurance industry so I didn't want to take on anything that would be too demanding of my time.

2. I like to eat Top Ramen raw. Not cooked. There. I said it. I lived in Hawaii for third grade, because my parent's separated so my mom spirited all four kids away from Alaska where I was born to the tropical sun of Hawaii. We lived on campus at BYU while she went to school, and there were a lot of... busy? parent's who would just send their kids out for the day with a kiss on the forehead and a package of top ramen noodles. Being the curious kid I was I had to check it out and I have to say... it's good! It's like a cracker with a different sort of seasoning. I won't eat it in front of anyone, but occasionally when Steve is on shift and Payton is napping, Morgan and I will sneak out a package. Oh dear. I guess I've carried on the weird food tradition and she will someday be hiding the Top Ramen from her friends and family. Oh well. I guess it's worth it! lol

3. I wish perms were SO in. I really do. I had perms from Middle School through part of my college years and it's so much easier to do your hair that way! I hate this straight, semi wavy hair. I feel like I have a bad hair day everyday and I always have to do it! What's up with that!?

4. Speaking of high school.... I had braces. I had braces from 3rd grade until I was a Junior in high school. Now there was a brief period where my dad stopped paying for braces where I had just the brackets on (why, oh why?) but other than that.... boy, it was a tough time. I am traumatized by the fact that I am old enough to be able to say this but.... back in my day, not a lot of kids had braces. And because not a lot of kids had braces, those who did were EASY targets. Great. Brace face, weedeater, Husqvarna (a brand of chain saw)... oh, how I heard it all. But I am SO glad that while my parents failed me in a lot of ways growing up, at least they gave me straight teeth. My dad has never had this type of orthodontia work and he even refers to himself as a snaggle tooth. I had to have 6-8 teeth REMOVED to have enough room for everything else sprouting in my mouth. Why? So imagine my dismay when I took Morgan in for her first dental appointment and the dentist sat me down and showed me an evaluation form with "overcrowding" circled about 6 times, and he referred to her as a "multi-phase" patient. Oy. But she's going to learn to appreciate all that this is going to do for her smile. And I don't think she'll be teased as much as I was. Nowadays everyone wears braces, right?

5. On another high school note... lol.... I went to a very small high school. My class was the largest class they had in a long time and it was 38 students. Our total school was about 100 kids. When we had high school dances, there was no junior prom, senior prom, none of that stuff. All of the kids were invited to all of the events. If they weren't, they wouldn't be able to cover the cost streamers and balloons for decor and things like that, and there wouldn't have been many options for dance partners, lol. When I first moved to this community I thought I was going to be Laura Ingalls heading to the Little House on the Prairie... but it turned out to be a good thing. I don't know if I could have handled a school with 400-800 students in it. EEK! First of all... I was Salutatorian. LOL! If there were 800 students to compete with I never would have gotten that sash! lol

6. Speaking of Laura Ingalls... I have seen EVERY single episode of Little House on the Prairie. And I have a very old set of books from the series. I loved that show and always wanted to marry Almonzo myself. lol

7. I lived in London for 10 weeks, my last term of college. I lived with a host family. And it was the coooolest thing I have ever done for myself. I saw everything that London has to offer, and even visited Scotland and Ireland, two places I would go back to in an INSTANT. I loved it there. But it was pre-9/11 so I don't know what the atmosphere is like anymore. As it was everyone thought I was Canadian because when they meet Americans they have a Southern accent. How weird is that? Listen to the nightly news on NBC, ABC, CBS... any of the big networks. They all sound like me. They don't sound Southern. Nothing against any Southern people. I was just surprised that Englanders expected us to sound Southern. Have they watched any American movie?
I was also in London when Columbine happened. It was SO weird to watch a catastrophic American event in a foreign country. Their TV's had the news focused on that story just as much as we would have in the U.S.
Anyway.... London was SO COOL. I can't wait to go back. My only regret? It was pre-digital camera. BUM.MER.

That's it! No more! Maybe another time! And because I was tagged 3 times I am thinking that we are running out of people in blogland to tag, so if you have NOT been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged. And link me back to your 7 things.

Have a great day!


  1. Love these tags!
    Rest easy, I am sure the perm will make a comeback someday soon :)

  2. i'm dying at the size of your high school...my graduating class was 475!!! (we had just under 2,000 students in our school...grades 9-12!)

    love your facts, and if you want a perm, i say go for it.


  3. i had a perm in 2000. i was told that it was a bit old fashioned. i was CRUSHED. i loved perms too. they'll come back. but i have to say i'm in love with my straightening iron. really.

  4. How fun! I LOVE these tags and LOVE your "7"
    I so know your feeling about the half straight wavey hair thing...totally mine too! :)))
    Totally LOVE Little house on the prairie too! I watched every episode I think at least 3x's now.
    Love ya,

  5. I lived in Spain for 6 months in 2007, and I watched the Virginia shootings coverage, and like Colombine, it was covered so much!!

    agree, study aborad was the best choice i have ever made for myself!

  6. how fun to read about you! I agree about perms! lol