Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the love of Pink Paislee, a Worldwin Giveaway

On Monday it was my day to post on the Pink Paislee blog. I managed to do so by the skin of my teeth. I swear the skin on my teeth was the only thing NOT affected by gnarly cold I managed to catch from Morgan and her preschool. Why... WHY?!!!! Tuesday I was out of it for most of the day. It was pretty much one of the longest days of my life, and I slept most of the time! Today I am still congested, but I feel tons better than yesterday. It's such a glorious feeling. Isn't that funny to feel great when you don't feel great? It's because I know it's all uphill from here. Steve had me worried I might have laryngitis or need to go to the doctor or something. I just wanted it overwith! I hate feeling helpless.

ANYWAY.... Monday was my day on the Pink Paislee blog. I decided to do a layout about Payton and how she is changing, so made my own trees, inspired by the trees in the Spring Fling line. You can check out the whole blog post here.

I've decided that since I didn't post this on Monday, or Tuesday, and now it's Wednesday, and National Scrapbooking Day is on Saturday... well, I thought I should just do a giveaway. In addition to Pink Paislee, I am also on the Worldwin Design Team. And it just so happens that I have a pile of Worldwin Cardstock that matches the Spring Fling and Office Lingo lines very well. And it just so happens that I feel like giving some of it away. How about that?

Just make a post to this post letting me know what Pink Paislee line is your favorite. I would also like to know if you have ever used Worldwin cardstock before. That's it. I'll leave this open through Saturday and have Morgan draw a winner Sunday morning. And since there are only 2 people that read this blog, the chances are very good that YOU are the one to take this cardstock home! And who doesn't like cardstock! I promise you will like Worldwin cardstock. And who knows what else I might include (wink, wink!).

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. wow!I love your layout.Also so nice of you to do a giveaway.My favorite pink paislee line is spring fling but It is hard to choose because it is all great.No I haven't used worldwin cardstock before.Sorry to say I had never even heard of it.Happy NSD in advance:)

  2. Fantastic layout Divine. Nope Ive never tried or seen worldwind Cardstock. Boy and choosing a fav pink paislee line is tough cuz I luv it all. I guess if I have to I would say Office Lingo.


  3. Yay Davinie! Love your layout! (As usual!)
    I have used Worldwin cardstock... my LSS sells it. It's heavenly!
    And I just received a shipment of yummy Pink Paislee to work with one of my DT gigs so it would be FABULOUS to match it up with some coordinating Worldwin! Cool!!

  4. More then 2 people read your blog! At least 4, judging by my comment #! :)

    Great layout!

    As for the world win paper... I don't believe I have yet had the pleasure of playing with these! :)

  5. That layout is awesome. I saw it on the PP blog!!!! Love your little trees. I love both collections from PP, but if I had to pick one it would be Spring Fling. I have never used Worldwin cardstock.

  6. Hi Davinie,
    I signed up to Studio Calico and put your name as my referrer. :)

    M favourite Pink Paislee line is definitely Office Lingo.
    And no, I haven't used Worldwin cardstock before, but I am am always happy to give something new a try!


  7. I like Office Lingo best. But I haven't seen any Pink Paislee that I didn't like.

    And I have used Worldwin before.

  8. fabulous Pink Paislee layout. Love that! Personally I LOVE Office Lingo.....the pink just gets me lol!

  9. WOW!! What an AMAZING LO!! I just got my Pink Paislee (finally-WOO HOO!) I got both lines, but I really LOVE Office Lingo! I have never tried Worldwin, but I would love to...

  10. Hi Davinie,

    I have never heard of Worldwin Cardstock before so I'm curious to see it. My favorite Pink Paislee line is Office Lingo.

    Great LO. Love the colors.

  11. that LO is cute! love how you put the b&w photo with the color and that cute pp on the top right that looks like a buckle.

    as far as Pink Paislee, I waver with which line I like better, but today I am in an office lingo mood. And my LSS is pretty Bazzill Biased so I haven't tried anything else. So I wouldn't mind some Worldwin to see how I likey.

  12. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I've never used this brand before but there's a first time for everything!

  13. I checked out the pink Paislee line and I like the Office lingo the best. I have never heard of world win cardstock, but I'm willing to try some. Right now I really love my Stampin Up cardstock.


  14. Hey girl!
    Gorgeous layout! Your are very inspirational. I hope you feel better soon too. I've never used WorldWin before, would be nice to try it out. For Pink Paislee, I'd have to say the Spring Fling is my favorite!

  15. Gorgeous layout! I've never heard of whirlwind cardstock. Bazzill is what my lss carries. I love the office lingo line.

  16. hope your feeling better Dav! I've come down with something this week I have to choose a favorite PP line? I love them both...a lot...I have never used worldwin cardstock before

  17. You have more readers than you think! I have never used Worldwind cardstock,I usually use Bazill. My favorited pink paislee line is Office Lingo.
    I hope you pick me! :)

  18. Hey you! Well, you already know how much I adore this layout! I hope you're feeling even better is so hard to be sick when you're a momma :) :)

    I have NEVER used Worldwin cardstock before. No one around here carries it. My fav PP line is Office Lingo ;)

  19. I love that LO! The trees are really perfect! If I had to pick on of the PP lines, I'd have to go with spring fling. I've never used Worldwin CS before, so I'd love to get the chance!!;) Thanks for offering a RAK!

  20. I'm going to have to go with Office Lingo, I just love those colors. I haven't used Worldwin cardstock before, but I'm an equal opportunity scrapper!

  21. Your creation for Pink Paislee was fabulous. Hope you are feeling better, Davinie!

  22. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Its hard to choose my favorite. I love the Spring Fling line but I also love the papers with die cut edge. I haven't used WorldWin cardstock that I know of. Hope you are feeling 100% soon!
    Stephanie P

  23. You are an awesome scrapper! Great pages.

    I just got some Pink Paislee Office Lingo, and I'm kinda ashamed to admit that's the first I've seen! But I LOVE it! I'm working on a mini book with lots of the papers. Also, I've never used WorldWin cardstock before either!

  24. GORGEOUS LO!!! How are you girl? I can NOT decide what is my favorite of PP...because I seriously LOVE it all!!! I finally have a bunch to play with tooo....YAY!

  25. I would have to say that Office Lingo is my fave. Love the journalling opportunities. Something I should do more of!

  26. Great layout! Perfect colours, design, etc.
    My favorite Pink Paislee line is Spring Fling. I not only like the papers, but even more the stamps!
    Thanks for a chance to win!
    Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  27. Adorable layout the trees!

    Have a great day!

  28. Hey Dav! I was just checking out your layout again on the PP blog and thinking damn that is good LOL
    I adore Spring Fling :)
    And can you believe I have yet to use either PP or WW???
    Hope you are doing well over in the eastern half of the state. Me, I am sick of all the stinkin rain and clouds LOL

  29. I love it ALL ! I also love your blog, it's wonderful and full of inspiration.

  30. Love your work, Davinie!
    How nice of you to do a giveaway! My favorite Pink Paislee line is Office Lingo. I've never used Worldwin papers before, how cool that they coordinate with Pink Paislee.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  31. Marci H :)2:10 PM

    Wow Davinie! Amazing! You are incredibly talented and truely inspire me to scrapbook more often and get more creative! I LOVE the spring fling, but the office lingo is also great. My vote is for the spring fling. However, tomorrow I could change my mind! TTFN! :)

  32. I don't know if I have used it before. What does Scrapbooking outside the box sell? I love prizes and Morgan should pick me, than you wouldn't have to pay money for shipping! hehe

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  34. sorry about that last post! :P
    I meant to write that I love all of your work! :) My fav Pink Paislee line is Office Lingo and I have actually never used Worldwin cs, so I hope Morgan picks me! :)

  35. Love your page!

    I think the Spring Fling line is my fave! I love the aqua/teal and red combo!

    I have never used Worldwin cardstock (that I know of).

  36. HI DAV!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! :) Hope you're doing well sweet girl!!

    YOUR layout is GORGEOUS, just gorgeous!!

    I've never used Worldwin Cardstock...I would LOVE to try it!
    Oh am I supposed to choose which PP is my fave? I LOVE all of it...ALL of it! :)
    Happy NSD sweets!!

  37. I'm pretty much loving any Pink Paislee that I can get my hands on...I think that the Office Lingo line is my favourite right now.
    I've never seen or tried Worldwin - but I have heard of it!
    Hope you are all feeling better...we got hammered by a cold this week too. I wish there was an easy way to teach toddlers how to blow their noses!

  38. Love your little trees and birdies! Super cute layout!