Monday, April 28, 2008

Studio Calico layouts and an opportunity at 6 months free!

Below are my layouts for the May kit at Studio Calico. Delicious, I tell ya! And guess what! If you are someone who has yet to sign up on the message board with a username, there is a big, HUGE, Gigantic I tell ya.... opportunity to win a 6 month subscription in honor of National Scrapbooking Day which is Saturday, May 3.

Simply sign up at the Studio Calico message board, and make a post on this thread. Post that I sent you there and that's it! It's a very generous offer. Be sure you post before Saturday, though. And if you already sub, just don't have a username, you will be refunded your May payment and get the next 5 months for free.

Easy peasy... so get over there! And good luck! And let me know if I made you a winner!

Okay, on with the layouts....

These are some of my favorite photos of Payton with her Grandma. I am so lucky to have captured this sweet little moment in time. It just touched me. PJ can be a little shy and a bit unfriendly, so I just loved seeing her playing with Grandma on her birthday.

I machine stitched my journaling lines for a little added detail on this one.

I have about 30 pictures of Morgan outside in this old Halloween costume. The photos are all so sweet and I can't wait to scrap another one. She has just got this free spiritedness, you know?

I got the Cosmo Cricket chipboard robot package, and decided to make some flowers out of these gears. I really like how funky they turned out.

I also used the fun Dialed stamp by Studio Calico as my faux sun. I then handstitched around the outside, because no Davinie layout is complete without a few holes poked into it, lol.

This layout. This one. This one was for me. I almost didn't send it to Scarlet for my gallery this month. I almost kept this layout to myself. This photo makes me a bit sad. You see, it's the last photo I have with my family and my Grandjack, who passed away last month. The reason that I am sad is because it isn't perfect. It's the last one, and it isn't perfect. Morgan is wearing that silly costume. Payton didn't want to sit with him. Grammie is standing up and the photo isn't balanced. But the worst part? In the series of photos that were taken, there isn't a single photo where everyone is smiling, everyone has their eyes open. That said, I modified that by taking the best photo of the rest of us... and layering the best photo of Grandjack over the top. I printed a photo with him and his best smile a tad bigger than the other photo, and then trimmed it out and layered it over the top of the photo with the rest of the family. It works because it makes him more of the focal point, which is what I wanted this layout to be about.

After the photo was worked out I really struggled with the title. I didn't want it to be "The last one" or something like that, because I wanted this layout to be a celebration of him, which is why I used the circle and the butterflies. Metamorphosis and the Circle of Life, in a way. And then I didn't know what to do for my journaling. Again, I didn't want this to be a sad layout. I found this quote, though, and thought it worked really well:

What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. - George Eliot

I found the quote a bit profound. It only takes a moment for you to be connected with someone forever.

I used a lot of machine stitching on this one.

I jsut had fun with this card. I can't wait to find someone to send this to, lol.

Again, I had fun with those gears! I wish I could buy another package of chipboard that only had the gears in it. The possibilities are endless!

I enjoyed mixing some of the fun kit patterns with this card. This is not normally paper I would ever mix together, so it was so fun to do that for this card.

Thanks for taking a peek at my projects! Now get over to Studio Calico and register a username! :)


  1. Hey you! I just love your SC layouts...especially the last one. What a touching layout and story Davinie.

  2. Wow!I love all the layouts but the last one spoke to me and so did that beautiful quote.I just sat in silence and reread it.Beautiful.Thanks for sharing it!!!

  3. Your projects are stunning!!! Love your layout of your grandfather. And what a great idea to put his photo over the top.

  4. I love all your layouts this month, Dav! Well, I do every month... :) But that one of your grandfather...that's what it's all about. Love that one.

  5. Wow, love it all. The stitiched journaling lines are awesome. I have yet to stitch on paper. Love all the cards and that idea with the photos of your Grandjack was perfect. I will have to sign up at the message board.

  6. Great layouts! The layout about your Grandjack is wonderful. I too have a layout of my grandparents that means a lot to me.


  7. wow...i'm not sure what to say.

    that layout just blows me away Dav...perfection, and a great way to remember GrandJack.

  8. LOVE the layout of your grandfather. I know how you feel about that "last" photo.

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous work---your style is so amazing!

  10. Hooooh, wow! I´m just checking out all pinkpaislee designers´ blogs and your style is just fab! Love the clean and perfect layouts you´re creating!

  11. Your projects are all just beautiful and I love the one with your Grandpa Jack! it was incredible :)

  12. All of these projects are utterly adorable!! You are amazing!


  13. I went and signed up and said you sent me. Lot's of entries, holy cow!