Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's UN Earth Day but you can still go green

So I forgot to post yesterday, Earth Day, but every day is an opportunity to do what you can to save the environment and add some green back into your wallet, right?

First, go here: Worldwin has gone green, which is really exciting, and if you answer a few questions, you will be entered to win some great paper. Everyone can use a little cardstock, right? The weight, texture, is fabulous. I use Worldwin on just about every project.

Also, I received an email newsletter from HGTV today, and it linked to this great website.
There's a lot of great "go green" ideas for your home, as well as craft ideas, etc. I think I'll be visiting there more often! I was really inspired by what I saw.

Speaking of green, that Junk Beautiful book I talked about in my last post is fabulous for inspiring you to create beautiful home decor items that make use of what would normally be considered junk. First one my list? To find an old croquet set. Yep. There's a great idea to use an old croquet set as a foundation for a fun and interesting rack to store you mops and brooms. I always have trouble with my mops and brooms being in the way, so I think this is a great idea to reuse an old croquet set. What else are you supposed to do with them once a piece has broken or a ball goes missing? Fabulous idea. When I get a chance I'll photograph the section in the book to show you what I'm talking about... and hopefully I'll have my hiney in gear soon to actually show you MY finished broom and mop holder. lol

Have a great week!


  1. I'll have to go check out worldwin....i love that they are going green. piggy tales is green too, but i'm not loving their designs right now.

  2. just stopped by to say hi! i finally got my computer back. BestBuy was the worst. Have you moved in downstairs yet? You should put pictures of it on your blog!

  3. Hey girl! havent seen you in forever. Cant wait to see your broom holder. While you are at it want to make me one too LOL