Thursday, May 29, 2008

Butterflies and stamps

Have you checked out the Pink Paislee blog? You need to run right over there. Rebecca is giving away some super cool stamps and the deadline to enter is Friday. You just need to post a comment to this thread. The Love Struck stamps are so cute!

Worldwin has started having DT members post projects to the blog. Today is my first day and I decided to make a butterfly mobile. I'm busy redecorating my girls' room and decided that the Flower Stand kit from would go well with the fabric I purchased.

It has been rainy and very dreary here the last couple of days, so I had a horrible time getting a proper photo, but you get the idea. You can check out the blog post and a bit of a tutorial in a day or so. I'll post a link when it's up.

My girls have been in need of a properly decorated girly room for a bit. I've been struggling though, because when we first moved in I painted the walls yellow, the ceiling blue with this faux finish so that it looks like the sky, and had blue shades made. Why the blue shades? I don't know! But the windows are a funky size so they were custom made so it would be silly to replace them. So I've been on the hunt for some girly pink fabric that would match. I wish they were a turquoise or teal color, but no, they are a blue. Sky blue. Denim blueish. ayiyiyi.

But you know what? I found it! Michael Miller saved my bacon and I have a bunch of fat quarters and four yards of fabric for delish curtains! What do you think?

Ginger Blossom. Oh and it's so fabulous. I bought a bunch of fat quarters on Ebay as well as several yards in a couple of the patterns because I'm going to make some quick and easy curtains with instruction from this book:

I'm hoping that just the curtains alone will girly up the room big time, will take away from the blue and yellow of the walls and window covering, and will help darken the room a bit more.

I'm also making matching quilts for the girls. Both of them have plain pink comforters because I knew I wanted to make them quilts. I am now going to use those comforters as the stuffing for the quilts I am going to make. I'm going to use a very simple pattern for my quilts. I don't have the time or the patience for something intricate. I think I'm going to go with this block pattern:

Easy enough, right?

I am really quite excited about it all, if you couldn't tell, lol. I really have been searching on and off for the perfect fabric since we moved into this house in the winter of 2005. I finally found something that was girly enough, fashionable enough, and had a bunch of coordinating patterns with a great quality. Now to find the time to actually make it! lol

Wish me luck! On top of those plans I STILL have to make 7 ballet costumes for Morgan's upcoming recital. Don't tell anyone, but..... I haven't even started the skirts yet. Okay, I started ONE skirt. But I'm not done with it yet. AND I still haven't finished the headbands and gloves! They are almost done though. But I'm worried that they will look more like mice than bears. That's a problem, lol. I'll be sure to post a picture here.. maybe tomorrow, of Morgan in the headband and gloves for a consensus. We were at ballet practice yesterday and the other parents are kind of expecting their costume. So.... I kinda need to get on it, lol.


  1. Okay that mobile. Been thinking of something like that for my Madi for months....just fabulous! Now my brain is itching to make something!

    And I love those love struck stamps. I believe I got my set when they were Pop Sugar Pink or something like that! LOL

  2. love the mobile and the fabric - it looks like it would be perfect with your paint colors and shades!

  3. andie4:37 PM

    i love that mobile!

  4. Beautiful mobile! So glad you've got the girls room together. I'm kind of waiting (yeah that's the word) until my son is 2 or 3 to do something with his.

  5. That mobile is gorgeous - I'm feeling very inspired now to have a go at one :)My little girl would love it!

    Gorgeous layouts with the SC kit too.

  6. I LOVE the ginger blossom fabrics so much!

    and i will have to check out that book on sewing...sounds right up my alley!

  7. The butterflies are so cute! Love 'em! :)