Sunday, May 25, 2008

CHA, my new purse, and some SC sneaks

I've done it! The price was right so I bought my ticket. It's Chi-town in July! CHA baby! I am so excited because I've been checking every day and prices were NOT looking good. And then suddenly they dropped $250 and I snagged a ticket right away. I can't wait to go! I'll be working for Studio Calico and spending time with some of the sweetest girls on the planet! Yippee!

To get ready, I bought myself a new purse. I have had this thing for Vera Bradley purses, but decided to branch out and take a peek at what Etsy had to offer. I ended up finding these great purses from a seller called Borsa Bella. If I'm not mistaken, that means "pretty purse" doesn't it? Anyway, I fell in love with the "Let's do lunch handbag" so have been watching for the perfect colors. Anyway, I just bought this one:

Isn't it delicious!? I think it's the perfect colors for summer, and it's not too big. It's very well constructed and has a nice tag sewn in, and even has a little clip inside for my car keys, which I always loose in the depths of my purse. I am really happy with it, and it is SO walking the floors of CHA with me.

So.... Steve didn't get the Captain's position. And.... I think he's happy about it? It's such a bizarre situation. I wonder if he's going through some sort of early midlife crisis. I just don't think he is ready for a "desk job" yet. He still has many years left before retirement, and really wants to look forward to going to work every day. Don't we all? So I don't think he was ready for the position, but the next time one comes up, it'll be his. He's currently AIC, which means that when they are short Captain's he can fill in, and for now, that works for him. And for us. I certainly want him to be happy about going to work!

Well.... my kids are challenging me. I am officially somewhat at a loss. I think in part because of the late sunsets, my kids don't want to go to bed at the appropriate time. They share a room and it has never been an issue before, but lately, I put them in bed at 8pm and it's often 9:30 before they are asleep. They keep coming out, playing around, etc. I'm not sure what to do to get them to stay in their beds and sleep. Last night I had to grab a book and sit outside their door and bark at them when I heard noises... Morgan got to where she'd be loudly sighing, etc., just to get my goat! What am I supposed to do? PJ did take a long nap yesterday, but she got up at 5:30am and Morgan got up at 6:15am yesterday. I thought they would be tired so I'm not sure what else to try to get them to behave... any thoughts? Let me know.

In scrappy news, I was recently asked by my friend Kimberly to guest design for a challenge blog called the Design X. I was given a journaling prompt for this challenge. I tend to shy away from all about me layouts, but I could have done several layouts with this prompt so it was a fun challenge. I'm not sure what day the new challenge goes up.... maybe Monday? But I'll post here with my layout and a link when I see that it's up.

I also taught my button vase class at my LSS on Thursday and had a lot of fun. I think there will be a second session, so if you wanted to take the class but decided to watch the finale of Grey's instead, you now have the opportunity to take the class again in June. lol This is the project we made:

Lastly, I have one last peek for the June kit from Studio Calico. I've said it before, and I'm excited to say it again.... I think this is my favorite kit thus far! October Afternoon is delicious! I still have a lot of product left so will still be creating with this kit for a while. I just loved it!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! We had already decided not to camp this weekend, but we are also getting some much needed rain so I'm glad we didn't. We are headed to a friend's house this afternoon for a barbecue which should be fun, so I hope the rain holds off while we are there... we haven't seen them in a while and we are celebrating the holiday weekend as well as a couple of birthdays. I heard there might be margaritas!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by! Davinie


  1. Did someone say margaritas? I am so there LOL!
    Can't wait to see your layout for Design X.
    Sorry to hear that Steve didn't get the job, but hell at least he tried, right!
    Hope you are having a great weekend. Soo stinkin rainy here!

  2. Love the SC sneaks!

    my kids have been occasionally sharing a room as well and they do play around a lot. The longer days definitely do not help. I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I've been wondering what to do about it, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one having that problem :)
    I do know it's incredibly frustrating. Mommies need quiet time!

  3. Can't wait to see you there!

  4. that purse is adorable... so jealous you're heading to cha!! and your sneaks are just killing me... so glad tomorrow is tues. night! can't wait to snag some add-ons!! i'm not a mom so i have no bedtime advice. :( hang in there!

  5. Love that purse! And the sneaks!

    As for the kiddoes and sleep. I have the same issue, although I have THREE boys in one tiny room! Since they were babies I have had to use room-darkening blinds in their windows. It does really help (although we do have the occasional issue with not sleeping). I also find that if I lay down with them for about 10 to 15 minutes (if I don't fall asleep!) gets them settled down for like a charm!
    Hope that helps!