Thursday, July 17, 2008

As you read this.....

I am on a plane, flying across the country! EEK! And I'm not a huge fan of flying! And the first leg, the plane is only three seats wide! And when I went to Anaheim, the plane was grounded for a bit so that the flight attendants could bribe someone to get off because we were overweight! Why, why why! Why do I do this? Were humans meant to fly!

Anyway... I'm headed from Oregon to Chicago. I leave at first light but won't arrive until about 5pm Chicago time. A long day. Let's hope there is an inflight movie or something. Even if I bring a book I am bound to get bored, and I don't sleep very well on planes!

I must really want to go!

I'll be home on Sunday. I am going to be taking my camera with me, so I plan to get tons of pics. I had my haircut yesterday, and I have CHA hair yet again, but at least it's trimmed, lol. And I won't forget my hair products this time. bah.

In the meantime, here is one little project I have at the Pink Paislee booth. I used Vintage Moon for this guy. I call him King Boo.

I also wanted to leave you with one of my projects for Magistical Memories this month. I was asked to be a Guest Designer again for July. I used these neat chipboard bubble gears for this layout, which I mixed with some of the Detours line from October Afternoon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. If it makes you feel better that was me in February! I loath flying and I had CHA hair too *lol* I definitely think you must REALLY want to go--I know I did. Your creations are amazing as always.

  2. Have fun! I remember flying out of Humboldt Co. CA in one of those planes with three seats per row - and the woman who checked our bags was also out on the tarmak waiving the light sticks around to direct the plane. Small airports are so adventursome!

  3. That is one fun pumpkin guy!! Love those gears too--makes w=me wanna buy some! Have fun at CHA...I don't know if anyone really likes flying, you know?

  4. Oowww.. how cool that you're going to CHA! I really hope everything went well on the flight!! Have fun fun fun..and looove your creations.. Gorgeous as always! XOOX

  5. Fabulous layout!

  6. i looove your pink paislee and magistical memories projects! I hope you had a great time at cha!

  7. I knew that little owl guy was yours the minute I saw it on the PP blog! Is it hard? Class idea??? Wouldn't that be cute and fun? Let me know whatcha think...
    Thansk for picking up the catalogs, now it's just the prioritizing of orders....ugh...

  8. It was SOOOOOOOOOO fun to get to meet you IRL!
    Bummed it was so noisy so that more visiting couldn't be done, maybe next show! (Especially given how much you love to fly, LOL!)