Thursday, July 24, 2008

A new me and some stuff

It all started at CHA winter. Scarlet took pictures of everyone, and I was working in the Pink Paislee booth so didn't have a chance to get an updated avatar. My current avatar was made one morning, after more than 348 days of sleepless nights with a new lass in the family. I didn't have a remote, I was too tired to try and find my tripod, so I had the camera propped on some books on a chair in my living room. I would dash over, sit down, and hope for the best while the timer beeped away. I was having a good hair day, but wasn't wearing any makeup, so when i found a photo in focus, I made it black and white, lol. I was also sitting next to a Fisher Price toy house, and Morgan was standing right behind the camera, and her two year old self kept asking to take my photo.

I had always thought it was a halfway decent pic.... but EVERY time I meet someone, they tell me I look totally different in real life, so I decided maybe it wasn't the most representative of me, lol. So I endeavored to take a new one. it's been a year and my hair is shorter anyway.

Scarlet was supposed to take one of me at CHA summer, but we were really busy working the floors, and it RAINED the entire time, so it just didn't happen. So I took it upon myself to do another one myself. Only this time I have a remote, and used the tripod. And I'm wearing makeup. But I still went with black and white, for goodness sakes, lol.

It's funny. When you are focused on other people all the time you don't really get time to really focus on yourself, at least I don't. I was going through the almost 50 photos that i took, thinking, no, that doesn't look like me, no, that's not it, no, no, no.... until I realized.... oh my gosh, that's what I look like! I admit to being rather surprised, lol.

So I picked the one I liked best, and here you have it. Oy. I am NOT a fan of the self-portraits. I was born with this birthmark on my lip that happened to be at the end of a blood vessel. As I got older it got bigger, so when I was 7 I had surgery to have it removed. The surgeon said it wouldn't leave a scar, but it absolutely did. And it bugs the heck out of me. I don't know why I haven't had plastic surgery to fix it. You'd think after 30 years I wouldn't care anymore, but I totally know it's there. And when I meet new people, I always expect them to check it out. When I was in 8th grade I had some girl ask me if I'd been in a knife fight or something. Seriously. So it bugs me. I should just get it done.

Anyway, novela as usual, but here's the new me. I shared it with some of my Studio Calico girls and they verified that it does indeed look like me. Finally.

Yep, that's Davinie. Squinty eye. check. Healthy sniffer. Check. Big smile so you can't quite see my scar. check. Straight teeth. YES. They'd better be! (I had braces on for about.... oh.... 7-8 YEARS).

And there you have it. But enough about me. I'm sick of lookin' and talkin' about it already, lol.

Here's some layouts:

I was asked to guest again at Magistical Memories, so decided to play with some delicious October Afternoon, a cute photo of my PJ at a birthday party, and some of their bubble gear shapes. I highlighted the fact that they are representative of bubbles by hand stitching around them. The key to hand stitching shapes is to draw your shape with a pencil first, and then pierce your holes. If you have a tight corner, make sure you make small stitches, close together, but not too close that your holes tear together.

This next one I did just for fun, because I just love that Heather Bailey stuff. Seriously. Have you visited that site! I want it all! I can't wait for the next prints to go to paper. whoa.

Lastly, I made this project for the Pink Paislee blog today. I used the new Vintage Moon line for a Halloween layout of my kiddos in their costumes last year. Morgan said she was a Butterfly Princess Fairy, and Payton made it much easier for me, and was a monkey.

I used the topsiders and rubons with the 12x12 and the 8x8 paper packs for this layout. For and additional design element I added hand stitching, of course!, and because I wanted my journaling to be part of the design, I just wrote the same sentiment over and over above the stitching. This particular layout didn't need a lot said, but I wanted to note the date and location.

Thanks for taking a peek! I might have a CHA photo to share soon. I really didn't take many photos but I got some good pics of the Basic Grey booth, the first booth we visited on the first day.

Have a great day!



  1. Love the new avatar Davinie. You look beautiful...exactly as I remember you from CHA. And I didn't even see a scar...still not quite sure what you're talking about. Anyway, I love your layouts. Gorgeous, as always. You really have a way with that needle and thread!

  2. That is a good pic of you! We are all critical of how we look, aren't we? I look at pics of myself and think, is this how I look? When I look in the mirror, I think I look much different. Does this make sense? I am so glad I got to meet you and the SC gang at cha. I also got to see some of your projects IRL at the PP booth. LOVE those flowers. I really like the new PP stuff. Now there are some 'boy' colors for LO's and projects. LOL! :-)

  3. Great new Avatar-I hate doing mine too!! I love the OA layout with the flowers and the stitching. So pretty!

  4. Nice pic of you - can't see a scar, and I was looking for it. Love the layouts, expecially the expertly done stitching! Very fun!

  5. Didn't notice the scar, your smile is too pretty!
    Love your projects, super fun!

  6. Love love love the layouts! That bubble one is so cool! Love the new avatar, too, you pretty girl! And I totally don't see a scar!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHh so pretty- both you and your layouts! :-)

  8. Oh're a beautiful girl and you should know're livin' the good life here in CO...we've got it good girl!!!
    I'm so loving your new projects...I hope you bring some in to the store to preview some of the new PP goodies before they get here :)
    Thanks for sending the 'girls' my way :)

  9. you look fabulous dahling and so do your new LOs

  10. YOu are just too cute girl! I love it - and it does look like you!!! :)

  11. *smiles* i've enjoyed your post and that photo looks great! :) love all your creative goodness as always.

  12. I think your pic turned out adorable Dav!
    Love your layouts, especially the one for Pink Paislee that is just too darn cute.

    have a good weekend hotstuff :)

  13. You look just like my favorite Aunt (Betsy). It's uncanny really. Love the layouts, so cute!

  14. Scar, what scar? Davinie, you look beautiful! I love your new avatar and your layouts...xoxo

  15. Hi! I'm a french "visitor" and i want to say to you, you have a french fan!! It's so beautiful all you do! I wish a long life at your blog!
    Biz cocoloko07
    PS: I'm sorry for my awfull english!!