Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Do......

We are packed and ready to hit the road! This is the beginning of a jam packed rest-of-summer. We are headed on a 4-5 hour drive to get to the Northern Oregon Coast and our favorite camping spot. Morgan has been counting down the days before she can head to the beach, and today is the day! No more night nights before we leave, lol. I am really excited.

That said, I am going to have scrappy withdrawals for sure, so I am bringing along some things that I have been needing to do. This will help get me organized. I'd bring supplies to work on a few things while Payton is napping or something, but my luck, the one thing I want to use will be the one thing i forgot to bring, so I nixed that idea. I'm just going to focus on my short list of to-do's, and play with my camera settings a bit.

First to do?

Yes. I reaaaally need to organize my DMC floss. I use floss all the time and am always picking up more colors at Michael's, but the best sort of storage I have found is these little floss holders. So I'm going to be spending some time wrapping floss. I organize mine by the color number, because it seems to be the best way to organize them, not that I usually care about what color number my floss is.

My second to do:

Oy. Yes, some of those mags are from 2006. I have a huge pile of them, so I 'm going to bring some with me and tear out the pages that interest me for my inspiration album. I have seen so many adorable albums, but for me, the easiest thing is a three ring binder with page protectors, or a Composition notebook and a gluestick. I prefer the notebook, but after a bit it starts to get too thick and can't close. So 3 ring it is. I am actually looking forward to this project. Plus when I'm finished, I'll either have kindling for the fire, or I'll give the magazines to my friend that is just starting out in scrapbooking to look through. She'll be camping with us as well.

Anyway, that's my week! I won't be home until Thursday evening. I hope the weather stays nice! Of course there is always a % of rain when you head to the Oregon Coast, but rain or shine, we always end up having a blast. Plus, we got the girls their first bikes:

Well yes, of course they are princess bikes, and yes, bad photo. Morgan is pretty good on it too. I know she's 4, but she hasn't had much interest. She had a tricycle but didn't care to ride it. Last year we got her a scooter and she uses that a bit, but it's only been recently that bikes have been on her radar. This pic was taken in my driveway. Not exactly bike with training wheels kind of territory. We are already having issues with Morgan getting high centered on the training wheels. She had better learn how to ride quick so we can take those off!

Anyway, I didn't want to leave town without posting a layout or two. First, I was asked to participate in the Pea Profile for July at 2peas. They sent me some Doodlebug Bubblegum glitter cardstock, flocked cardstock, brads, and a package of ribbon. I also got some shears from Maya Road. It took me a bit to decide what I wanted to do with it, as I don't normally work with such textured papers, but I like what I ended up with. I added some American Crafts paper and thickers that I picked up while at CHA.

I was going to maybe ruche the ribbon, use several different pieces, etc., etc., but it just wasn't looking right so I tied a bow and called it good, lol. I really liked all the ribbon in that package so I'm sure you'll be seeing a card or two with some on it shortly, lol. I was also thrown off because some of the ribbon patterns had some purple in it, when I wanted to pull out the blue in the photo, and still try to keep it pink overall. That's why I used the teal blue thread in my machine stitching. I wanted to keep it monochromatic, but I needed to bring together that blue in her horses saddle.

This other layout I did a couple of months ago but have been keeping to myself for a bit. I was going to change a few things, but decided to leave it as is and post it online. I used some of my yummy Spring Fling from Pink Paislee, and added some Chelsea Lane from Making Memories. I really like the color combo of it all, especially with my Offray ribbon and those Pink Paislee sticker alphas. I really like the Chelsea lane stuff, I just wish you could buy the patterns individually. I'm going to have a hard time using 5 circles and flocked papers, etc. I think there's 5? Seems like there's 5 anyway. There's a lot anyway. lol

Yes, that's Payton. Just about 2 years ago. ::sigh:: I wish I could remember what it felt like to hold her then, back when she was young, innocent, didn't have opinions yet, slept a lot.... lol. I guess I'll just have to settle with scrapping these pics in the wee hours of the morning when her current self is finally asleep, lol.

That's it! Have a wonderful week! Tonight is reveal night at Studio Calico. I wish I could be here! No laptop, no internet connection at the beach. I'll get my layouts posted here before I get home though, so that you can take a closer peek at my layouts for this month, if you like.



  1. Have a great time Davinie. Love how you worked that Doodlebug glitter and flocked paper...just beautiful. Can't wait to see your layouts for SC!

  2. Wow--have a great time camping! Looks like you will bebusy. Love the new layouts and congrats to the girls on the bikes. I love that doodlebug flocked paper!

  3. Have a wonderful time and thanks so much for sharing the layouts. I'm sure your friend will appreciate the magazines. I know I did when I first started scrapping.

  4. Love that Pink Paislee layout!! Have a wonderful time at the beach!!! Take lots of pictures and get cracking on those mags.. We'll miss you tonight!!

  5. ooooh ooooh! I love that doodlebug! I need me some of that paper! YUM YUM! Have a good trip!

  6. Have fun!!! Your layouts are totally awesome!!!

  7. have fun on your trip girl! I need to go through my floss too-it's scary how tangled it all is!!

  8. Have a wonderful time at the coast!
    I have to admit that I am a little jealous, we used to do that a few times a year when I was a kid, but we always went south, Brookings and Smith River. I hope that it is sunshine and wonderfu pic opportunities!

  9. Davinie, the layouts are just breathtaking! I had to study them for quite a while, taking mental notes...