Friday, September 26, 2008

What's on your Must See TV list?

A scrapbookers dream. Clean your home in just 19 minutes a day! lol I saw this on yahoo and thought I'd post it here so I could find it again. They make it sound so easy! It really does have some good tips that would make a big difference, though. When the kitchen sink is clean it DOES inspire me to keep the rest of the kitchen clean. Whoo'da thunk?

What did you watch on TV last night? I am supposed to able to tune into CBS and watch Survivor at 8pm, and then switch over to ABC at 9pm for Grey's Anatomy. But oh no. Survivor had to hog two hours of my time last night, lol. I taped Grey's and I can't wait to tune in and see how the season starts. I have seen previews that dear Rose is pregnant. For all that is holy let the soap opera drama not effect this show in this way, and let that be just a misunderstanding, lol.

Instead I watched the whole premiere of Survivor. Marcus from the one team, and Dan from the other. Hot hot hot.

I don't really have much to say but I did want to share a Halloween album that I will be teaching at my local scrapbook store in October. I used a Maya Road sheer house album, and then tons of Pink Paislee Vintage Moon. If you will be in the Redmond area on 10/11, look up Scrapbooking Outside the Box! I can tell you that I have some Pink Paislee stamps and other goodies to give away! woot!

Have a great weekend! Davinie


  1. Does the cost of the class include all the supplies you'll need?

    I saw Greys.. it's good, but not incredible. Be prepared!

  2. I so love that Pink Paislee album..I can't wait to fill mine with Halloween pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. love the mini dav... if i lived there, i'd definitely take your class!!

  4. why am I so far ? ;-)

    I love it !

    Elodie from France

  5. THANK YOU! One, for the clean house link (seriously, who couldn't use a little guidance in that department) and two, for the house idea. I don't think you live near me, but I've had that same sheer house sitting on my table for a few months, with NO clue what to do with it :)

  6. What a super mini-album!!