Sunday, December 07, 2008

Check it....

I hope you are having a great weekend! Is it cold there? Morgan and Payton wore SWIMSUITS all day yesterday. What a sad state of affairs! I don't know how you do it in the southern states. For me, it's certainly hard to have the Christmas spirit when it's so darn hot! It wasn't hot, but as I've said, I'm ready for snow.

I just have a quick post today. I wanted to direct you to the Studio Calico blog. It was my turn to post last night, and I brought in some Christmas spirit with some projects and home decor. I even drug up some old layouts. I'm not afraid to share! Our style always evolves, and at the time I made the layouts, I loved them. I still love them. So it's all good.

I created a couple of additional projects with the December kit, including this little guy:

and a Christmas day layout:

I hope you'll check out my post! You can see it here.
Have a great day!
I'll be back tomorrow with Christmas ornaments for Pink Paislee. I hope you've been checking that blog too. We've been posting ornaments just about every day so far in December!


  1. These projects are so adorable! What a cute reindeer! Guess what...we just got a dusting of snow last night and the girls ran out to play in it first thing this morning! LOL Our first snow. I can't imagine swimsuits right now! wow!

    P.S. You inspired me to do a layout. I'll e-mail ya!

  2. The reindeer is just perfect! Did yoy use a foot and hands to trace to make it!!!! It is colddddd here. We got a light duting of snow last night and it looked so very pretty! If I could I would send you some of the coldness! It is so windy that my outside decorations are blowing down! More work for me tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  3. Davinie, when will you be publishing your book on simple crafts to do with little ones? I swear I get so many fantastic ideas from you blog on things I can do with my young daughters. Probably because we have similar age children? That reindeer, oh my, I'm so doing that with my kids tonight. They won't get framed nicely in that vintage looking frame but it's an activity to occupy them, that's just brilliant!!! Thanks!

  4. I have been checking out the PP Blog! Love all the great ideas! I have made a few ornaments and hope to post on my blog soon! I am in Oklahoma, and we are supposed to get a little snow this week! As long as there is no ice with it, I am fine!

  5. Your reindeer is adorable!!! Very sweet layout as well. Beautiful! Off to check out the other blogs where your gorgeous creations are!

    P.S. We are on the Oregon coast...not so hot as you know but we don't get much snow either!

  6. Beautiful stuff, Davinie! Love that reindeer plaque and the page is just gorgeous.
    I will definitely check out the SC blog. I've been loving the ornaments on the PP blog, too.

  7. I saw that reindeer idea elsewhere recently! I might have to do it! And I adore the layout as always!

  8. It's very cold here-- we're plugging in our vehicles at night!
    Great projects, Davinie!:)

  9. I am so with you about hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is so warm.

    Beautiful Christmas layout - love the stitching around the photos.

  10. Gorgeous projects, Davinie! I especially love the reindeer. ;)

  11. Just wanted to come say hi!
    It is COLD this morning but looks like the sun is going to peek its little head out today. The news mentioned snow in the forecast coming up. soo any day now sister
    Hope you are doing well :)

  12. I love the latest projects. I also checked out S.C. cool, cool!
    I sooo wish I had that "problem" of it being so darn warm when it is supposed to be snowing! lol
    have a great week!

    ooohh, my "word verification" word below is dograt.
    Now, picture that! hahhaa

  13. Definitely going to copy the reindeer idea. Love the Xmas morning LO too.

  14. cute cute layout - LOVE that reindeer too!

  15. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that reindeer!! Now I know what the grandparents are getting for Christmas :) Thanks for the inspiration!