Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and some sneaks

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! ACK! I have so much left to doooooooo!!!!

Let's see... we went out to this light festival the other night so I wanted to play with my camera, and as I was getting the kids ready I set it on the washer, walked away, and the strap caught on the sleeve of my jacket and went crashing to the floor. I just about had a heart attack. You'll remember this is a new camera, My Canon Rebel XS, my old camera having met it's demise just a month or two ago.

The casualty in this accident was my 50mm fixed lens. I guess that's a good thing? Such a bummer that this happened during Christmas. Our days are dreary here, the skies clouded over and snow on the ground, and that 50mm lens is FABULOUS. So I'm a but bummed about that, but at least the camera itself is undamaged. I guess I got lucky.

I'm wondering if I should even be allowed to have a nice camera! I can't be breaking my cameras!

Today my girls have chest colds but we are going to dress them up and make the rounds, on the way to the inlaws this afternoon. Then Santa will come and in the morning Steve's parent's will come over for the day. Later in the afternoon my sister and her kids will join us for some sledding in the yard if the kids feel up to it and it's not that cold. It should be good times!

I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays! And before I go, I wanted to share a couple of Studio Calico sneaks. You'll notice the new countdown widgit I have on my sidebar. A very cool tool.

Have a great week! Davinie


  1. your sneaks look so fun!!! enjoy your Christmas!!

  2. Love the bikes on the scallops - can't wait to see more!! Bummer about the lens :(

  3. stormye12:10 PM

    the sneaks are fab! can't wait to see the kit!

  4. lovin' these :) spesh the car

  5. Sorry about your lens.
    I'm glad your camera is okay.
    Merry Christmas, Davinie!!

  6. absolutely yummy! i'm sorry about your lens. that's a bummer.

  7. Great sneaks girl! Hope your girls feel better soon! Merry Christmas!

  8. Looks like so much fun! Love it!