Saturday, March 07, 2009

The February Project 12 Challenge

Good Saturday Morning!

It's been another busy week so I haven't had a chance to either do or post about my Project 12 challenge. But today I plan to get my pictures chosen and printed, and should have a layout to share by Monday.

What about you?

Do anything fun this month? For Valentine's Day? February was another easy month for me as there was Valentines fun to be had and my stinkin' birthday as well, lol. At least nobody took a photo of me with that silly sombrero on at the Mexican restaurant! hahaha.

If you want to play with the challenge this month, post a link to your layouts on this thread. It's never too late to join! I have to tell you, I am so glad I'm making these summary layouts and they've made my scrapbooks so much more organized.

Because of the economy and focus toward recycling and using up your scraps, this month, the prizes are related to tools.

I'll be giving away a set of those rulers I was raving about, and also one of these:

Too bad these weren't out last month! This is the Upper Crest punch from Fiskars. I used this exact design on the top of my January layout, but traced it on my Making Memories desk calendar. This would be so much easier!

I love how this pattern matches the Jenni Bowlin calendar cards, so thought it would make a great prize for this challenge.

Sound good? I hope you'll play along! As I mentioned, I'll have my February layout to share soon. In the meantime, go through and edit those February photos, pick out your favorites, and get to work! lol

Have a great Saturday!


ETA: As with last month, link your February layouts to this thread by the 20th to be eligible for the tools. Okee smokee? :)


  1. Darn, I so wanted to see you in the sombrero!

  2. What a cool punch! I so need one of those..
    Have a great day!

  3. I got the most gorgeous flowers for valentines from a good friend of mine. They were roses and white lillies. The lillies were buds and they bloomed on the friday before valentines. He'd given them to me the weekend before since he had to work. What a great present a weeks worth of roses and lillies that bloomed on valentines. :) So wish I could see that sombrero pic though.

  4. i'm in again...and i found a set of the jenni bowlin cards at my i'm going to use them now!
    hey dav...when are the layouts due this time around?

  5. Jennifer.T3:31 PM

    I've already got the photos picked and printed and actually been trying to work on this layout! Now I just gotta find where my mojo went... :-[

  6. I'm on it! I just spent a lot of time reorganizing my desk (though it looks exactly the same as when I started. hmmmm... lol). Now it's time to PLAY :)

  7. I'm with Houston - a sombrero pic would be so great! Love that punch and it does go with the Jenni Bowlin stuff! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I had a great girls weekend to Seattle in Feb. It was sooo nice to get away for shopping and fun!! Wish I would have gone to $$tree while I was there.

    Stephanie P

  9. Grandma Shelley6:54 PM

    Happy belated birthday! I love those new FISKARS punches...thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I can't believe I already got mine done :) Here is mine:

    Thanks for challenge!

  11. Jennifer.T4:20 PM

    Whew, okay here's mine, not gonna lie, I had some trouble with this one and my mojo went AWOL, but I love the end result (I think LOL):

  12. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Here's a link to mine (which also has the January layout that I never got posted!)

  13. Ok, here's my layout for February!

    I've got to load it to my blog as well.

  14. I'm lovin' this Project 12! I may actually end up with a finished album, lol! I followed the Two Peas class again this month, hope that's okay. It's nice to get something done even when I'm having a bit of a creative block! You can see it here:

  15. Squeaking in with my layout. Hope it's not too late!! I could really use those rulers! My store didn't have them.

  16. Here's mine:

  17. here's mine! I posted it in the SC gallery and forgot to link here! LOL

  18. I know the contest is over, but I was glad I got my page finished! I also have March's ready to go1 Woot!