Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cardalicious 17 and some new (to me, anyway) Making Memories

Who else saw Melissa looking really pretty last night on Dancing with the Stars? For only 2 days of practice, I thought she did so well and I was really proud of her. I could do without Lil Kim and her dedication to her girls at the Federal Detention Center, lol, but overall, was addicted to watching this show yet. again. lol

I wanted to share my card for this week's challenge at the Cardalicious challenge blog. The challenge this week was to use a button, a heart, ribbon, and something pink. I decided to go with some new Pink Paislee, with a touch from a new line I picked up at Michael's from Making Memories called Sabrina.

My name is Davinie. It's my parent's names... David and Bonnie. Mixed together. ugh.
I have a sister named Alyca. Her name is Alan and Joyce, family friends, mixed together.
When my youngest sister came along, the fog lifted and my parent's finally had some sense, lol. They named her after a babysitter. Her name is Sabrina. So when I saw this line I had to pick it up. It's pink, black, and a creamy white color. Very elegant. I didn't pick up everything from this line, mostly some embellishments and the 8x8 paper pad, but it went really well with the Pink Paislee I wanted to use from the Enchanting line. The flowers and the main pink paper are Making Memories, along with the heart stick pins.

The paper flowers are really cool and I'm diggin' the 8x8 pad, especially for card making. The paper is very lightweight, but it works well in layers.

There was also another line from Making Memories that I had to pick up. It's called Chloe's Closet. I really liked the color palette on this one and had to pick up the fun ribbon and flower/button package too.

This may not be new, but it's all new to me, so I thought I'd share!

Have a great day!

P.S. I am so behind on my February layout! I can't believe it's already the 10th! Good thing I have myself until the 20th to get this done! lol I promise I'll have something to share before then. It's on my list to finish. I already have the design and many of the embellishments ready. It's just a matter of choosing photos and sitting down to create. The time change has wreaked havoc because the kiddos aren't tired for bed at night, and I can't stay up all night because they still get up early in the morning.



  1. Oooh...cute card! I love those pins!

    Melissa did do a great job...but I am rooting for Shawn. I just love her...she is so adorable! And yeah...not digging on Lil Kim so much.


  2. Jennifer.T4:31 PM

    I always wondered about where your name came from, now I know! And I have never seen these lines from Making Memories either, we don't have a Michaels over though :o(
    I know what you mean about staying up late and getting up early, ugh, my 3 year old has been doing the same thing! What's with that?
    And I'm up to the same with my Feb layout... got everything picked (and photos) just gotta have time to put it altogether.

  3. Such a sweet card! thanks for the info on your name! I too have always wondered how you got such a unique name! such a cool story!

  4. Cute card and I really REALLY like your March S.C. projects!! I saw them at the SC gallery...they are gorgeous! Love, love them! :P

  5. I love that Chloes Closet line from MM. I scooped that up right away and have made many cards with it already. The Sabrina line is pretty, but I am not too much into pink. I do love your card. You are quite the talented lady! :-)

  6. Gorgeous card, I love those MM papers too, they are so cute and cheery! LOL, about the way your parents named you, I always get name questions too so I never ask other people but I wondered where yours came from, it's very pretty and fun!

  7. The card is gorgeous! I found Chloe's Closet at Michael's yesterday as well, and fell in love! I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  8. I picked up some of that paper and used it on last weeks challenge. I have a hard time with black!! Yur card is beautiful!!!

    P.S. at least your parents didnt name you Liberty!! (My Grandaughter ! I nickname her Libby!!)LOL!!