Monday, July 06, 2009

Am I the only one?

who gets a cold in the middle of the summer?

I had a blast on the 4th. A day of fun. And then I woke up Sunday morning with a stuffy nose and a headache. In the summer. In 90 degree weather! I hate that! I guess it's better now than later in the month.

I hope YOU had a wonderful 4th of July! My kids threw candy in the parade, I was only pelted a couple of times, and had a great time. They saved their favorite pieces for later, though. I had to promise them that they wouldn't have to throw allll of the candy.

I actually didn't take a ton of photos this weekend, and it was nice. I've found that lately when I'm doing layouts, I'll have 300 photos from a single event but then only use a couple to summarize everything. So this weekend I tried to take photos of certain moments, but to make sure to spend most of my time enjoying them all. It worked and it was a lot more fun and less stressful. Stressful in getting the smile or worrying about my camera getting damaged, because I"m a klutz, lol.

Here's what I did get:

It was so hot. Waiting was torture. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa hooked the girls up with a couple of umbrellas which spared their fair hair and light skin from the heat of the sun.

The bustling metropolis that is Redmond, Oregon, was represented with this parade. woot!

Grandma and Grandpa drove from Bend to watch the parade just so that they could wave to the girls. That was really sweet. Afterwards we went out to lunch before they headed to their next gathering.

Once we got to our afternoon destination, this is what Morgan looked like for the rest of the day:

Does she look prepared for water events? Is she safe? She is wearing a life jacket, a floatie, goggles, and the way the straps are pulling them down, I think it's safe to say her ears would also add a bit of buoyancy as well. ha!

My friend made fun of us in all our matching Old Navy tee's, but I just smile and wave. That was $20 to shirt the four of us. You can't argue with that! You'll notice Payton with her fake smile, and Morgan is sporting one of her more frequent late-afternoon-i-am-wiped-out-and-tired-of-posing looks. But it's us. And look! There I am!

Now this, is a beauty. This is the best fireworks photo I've ever taken, lol. I read somewhere to set your ISO at 100. I would never have done that, normally. And while I should have been using a tripod, I totally wasn't! I'm happy with how this one turned out.

Lastly, I wanted to share a layout I made for the Pink Paislee blog with some 2008 photos. It was the Saturday sketch which is great for those summer/4th of July photos. You'll notice that the above photo is much improved over what I managed to get last year, lol.

P.S. If you check out this post, you'll get a wee peek at the 4 new lines from Pink Paislee that are debuting in Orlando at the end of the month. Woot!

Have a great day! Davinie

P.S.S. Be right back with that punch winner. :)


  1. What a beautiful family you have! love that one of the 4 of you!

  2. those pictures were so neatly done and so festive. way to go, girlfriend!

  3. Great photos, it looks like you had a wonderful day! Congratulations on CC finalist!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Can't believe it got so hot, but you guys don't look like you're sweating (those cost-effetive Old Navy shirts certainly helped). ;)
    Congrats on being one of the DT finalists for CC - good luck - you totally deserve it!

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say congrats again on the CC finals! Your stuff amazes me each time I see it!