Friday, August 28, 2009

Studio Calico September - Cotillion - breaking down my projects

I loved this kit! Loved this kit! I had a lot of fun with this kit. And the stamps were delicious and I can't wait to use them on other projects. The kit is still available and I think a couple of add-ons are too, so head on over here if you want to check them out.

We had some great friends over for dinner last night, so I wasn't able to be on the boards for the reveal, but I checked out the gallery at the first opportunity, and the girls rocked this kit! I could not pick a favorite layout overall. I think everyone really enjoyed this kit, and look forward to seeing Kirsty's gallery as soon as she can get it loaded too (she's in the UK and the snail mail that is often that system hasn't managed to get her a kit yet. boo).

Without further ado, here's what I came up with.

I had these three photos of Morgan,and when I saw the Scenic Route chipboard frames, I knew what I wanted to do. I always trim a white border around my photos, so I painted my frames white. Then I layered the photos and frames so that they mimicked each other, and mirrored each other in their placement. Then I had fun choosing bits of paper to use inside my frame. I needed some more color, so I trimmed the kraft about 3/4 of an inch on two sides and used the blue print as the border to the layout. I took a pair of scissors and trimmed out the bulk of the inside of this paper so I could use it on another project, including a small piece for the inside of one of my frames.
I used buttons to help carry the eye through the design, and decided to do my journaling on the edges. I've seen this done but haven't done this one myself, but I think it adds to the design on this layout.
Ugh, this was a horrible day. That good witch/bad witch day. But when I was outside in the hammock, playing with my camera and counting to 4327, Morgan came out and showed me that no matter how much we argue, she still has the love for her mama. And then I snapped some photos. This layout means a lot to me.

I had fun with this layout. A couple of weeks go I went shopping at Anne Taylor's Loft and walked in to small boob heaven. There were ruffles. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I bought a couple of things and came home inspired to create. I went a little crazy with my ruffles, pleating paper AND using my scallop punch, but I love how it turned out.
I cut strips that were 2x12. I then pleated them and when the paper ran out I folded another strip into the fold and kept going. It was a little tricky to adhere but it had to be pink, and I had to use photos of my little mini me for this one. She's such a doll. She really cracks us up and gives us a run for our money.

This layout was all about this photo, so I printed it three times. This month was therapeutic for me, because I expressed some feelings and concerns for my sweet Morgan. I think I"m having a sort of early midlife crisis with my fears about my baby heading to Kindergarten, but I'm sure it will all work out.
Anyway, the focus was on the photos. I layered that Basic Grey chipboard flower around the photos and used a stamped butterfly to help keep the design clean. I REALLY loved that butterfly stamp, as well as the exclusive butterfly paper from Studio Calico. I am going to get more of that, I tell ya!
I used pinking shears on my black ribbon, and since I don't have a pinked border punch, I used this older punch I have from Martha Stewart that's pinked and scalloped too. It's very versatile! Because the butterfly paper is busy I typed my journaling for this layout.

This two pager is one of my favorite things this month, because it's not always about the fabulous design, etc. The thing I love about this layout is the photos. I was at the beach with my dad, and some great friends, and I got to use a little bit of everyone's photos. My step-mom took the train photo and the photos of my kids, and my friend Marci took our family photo. I took the rest. I love how I was able to pool my favorite photos that told our story and use them all together.
I wanted to keep the design fairly simple, but had to stitch somewhere. I haven't been hand stitching as much as I usually do, so I decided to do that, and train tracks were the thing to do! I also punched the log out of our train tickets for this layout as well. I love using a bit of ephemera when I can.

I had fun with this last layout, and you wouldn't even know it. The Jenni Bowlin memo books have tan pages. I wanted to use it at the top of this layout with the past due stamp, but it was bugging me, because the apple paper and the library cards were all white. So, I took out my blending tool, and using some antique linen ink, I muted the color of my apple paper and the library card. Then it all matched! :)
I was really excited to see these items in my kit. My kids and i have been going to the library for story time all summer long, so I was happy to have a fun way to document it. And I didn't feel weird at all, hauling my Rebel to the library.
Sometimes I feel weird saying I'm a scrapbooker, or wanting to take a photo inside a store or something, and wonder what people must think, but in the end, I do it anyway. I'm the historian. I'm documenting our life. And sometimes, the outside of Target and the school supply aisle MUST be documented, lol. So I just grin and take my photos. Fast. heehee.

I also managed a couple of sweet cards with this kit.

If you have any questions about anything else I did, please let me know.

Have a great day! It's Friday. That means the weekend is just about here. Soak up summer while you still can!



  1. ok, you know what?
    i didn't even know that was Morgan in that layout...seriously!! she looks so different! love your layouts this month my friend! =)

  2. I think that first is my favorite LO from this month! Love the design!

  3. the 2 first Layouts are beautiful! love all your work ;)

  4. Seriously, Dav, your gallery this month ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF! I was blown away this month. You are so amazingly talented! :D

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  6. Your layouts are fantastic. The detail you put into all of them is fantastic.

  7. Dav, your gallery blew me away. I loved reading about the background to each layout. I especially loved knowing you had to count to 4327. I have to do that with some of my neighbor kids and wondered if I was the only one. Thank goodness I'm not. :o)

    I take fast photos of Target, too. I sometimes pretend I am sent by their competition to steal all their display ideas. HA!

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  10. Jennifer.T5:42 PM

    Thanks for the background stories behind the layouts, I always look forward to this part :o)
    When I take my camera to the shops, library etc, I feel like I should wear a badge saying "I'm a scrapbooker" then maybe people won't look at me weird lol
    Hmm.. they probably still would!

  11. BEAUTIFUL. just beautiful. every stinkin' last bit of it. ;)

  12. Grandtabulous layouts this month.

  13. alright, i'm crackin UP at the "small boob/ruffles" comment :) Does that mean that us, um, more WELL endowed girls don't get to wear ruffles?! Am I a walking fashion "don't"? Well at any rate, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffles on the page - gorgeous. And I bet you look just as gorgeous with the ruffles on YOU. :)

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  17. And here I was all self concious about taking pictures... I'm happy to see I'm not the only one!

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  19. Anonymous1:28 PM

    as usual, i absolutely adore your projects!

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