Saturday, October 24, 2009

Help me pick out my Project 12 calendar for 2010 !

First, I have a Project 12 winner to pick for the October challenge. That winner is.....

Leslie Davis said... Finally got mine in on time!

Thank you for playing along Leslie! Get me your address and I'll get you $5 and some Studio Calico journaling cards.

Speaking of Project 12, while I have already picked out what I'm going to use for 2010, I wanted to share a couple of options for the Project 12 challenge and get some feedback. You don't have participated in the challenge, nor intend to do so in 2010, but if you had a choice, which would you prefer:

Option A, 6x6 calendar cards from Jenni Bowlin Studios. This time they are round instead of the die cut shape:

Option B, JBS calendar cards size 2 1/4 x 4 (these come in a couple of colors):

Or Option C, sheer calendars from Maya Road (there are a few different shapes to choose from and these are 2.2 x 2.7 inches)

As I mentioned, I already know what I will be using, and I may be giving some away with the November Project 12 challenge....... but I wanted to get some feedback first. Also, if you've seen some other options for 2010 calendars that you think would be a good option, please let me know. I'm still trying to decide for certain.

Before I go I do have a couple more sneaks for the November kit from Studio Calico. Boy how I wish I had more time. I bought all three add-ons so I have a ton of product at my disposal. I just got my kit a little later than the other girls, and I've had sick kids and room mom duties that took away from my scrappy time this week. That said, I'm still busy creating away and will be sharing more layouts after the kit goes live. One of these layouts here was made the same day I took the photos! I had intended to do something else with those pumpkin stamps, but I was really inspired by some of the photos I took so I put my other page on hold so I could make this layout in time for my gallery. I can't wait to share it! It even has, dare I say, a photo of ME in it! :)

Have a great weekend! We have a soccer game today (next week is the last one!) and have plans to carve pumpkins tonight.


  1. I love all things Jenni Bowlin, so I would pick one of the first two. I use Jenni's tickets on almost every layout! That said, the Maya Road sheers are also very nice and the good thing is that they would go with every color scheme!

  2. I think the round Jenni Bowlin calendars are my favorite.
    Can't wait to see the rest of that layout!

  3. I like all three, but the best calendar tags are from Seriously, those are my all-time favorites, and I think they'd fit your style well, too.

  4. Oooh - I may choose to try a whole 2010 album this year. And if I do... I'm definitely going with one of these from Elle's Studio:

  5. happy weekend & good luck at the game!!

    I love JBS. I wish the round was really round (not a rectangle in a circle), kwim? so I would pick the yellow cards.

    LOVE your peeks! I want to see it all now. can you e-mail me? kidding :)

  6. I did P365 this year but plan to do a Project 12 next year. I'm going to use these cute round calendars from Elle's Studio. :)

  7. Gotta catch up soon on my Project 12 2009. I'm behind 3 months (Aug,Sept,Oct)
    Love your sneak, Ms D!
    I think I'll be on the hunt for 2010 calendar when I go take a trip to my LSS soon.
    Happy Saturday,my friend!

  8. Jennifer.T4:03 PM

    First of all congratulations Leslie! and secondly I am no use when it comes to deciding which calendar to use because I can see myself using all of them! lol
    But I will say I'm so glad neither option is red! I welcome the change of colour because after 10 months of working with the red JB cards I think I'm over that colour for a long time!
    They are all great choices Dav, I can't wait for 2010! (can't believe I'm saying that)

  9. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Love the sneaks!! I really love the fresh new JB stuff. I think I would go with option B. But with that said, I couldn't bring myself to use the little brown JB calenders I got either. Got too tired of them ;)

  10. Option B is my favorite in terms of style, color, etc. The only downfall for those cards is that they are general, not specifically dated for 2010.

  11. i can't wait to see more, my friend! =)

  12. I like Option B.

  13. I like b and c best. Next year I'm using calendar cards on my project 12. Thanks for sharing these great finds.

  14. My favorite is C! I made one calendar, look in ly blog


  15. I really love C but I'd probably pick B.

    oh, and I'm so happy about winning this month. I sent you an email through SC. Did you get it? I realized I only gave you my email address. Do you want a physical address?

  16. i prefer the jenni bowlin ones. either of them--they're both cute! have you seen the elle's studio ones? very cute too!

  17. I vote for #2 of the Jenni Bowlin Calendars...but they're all great and would be cool. I just love the font on #2!

  18. Hmmm, I like option B best I think!

  19. I came to your blog because of your lovely layouts in the SC gallery. I've seen your name on the SC message boards, but had never seen your pages (or never paid attention to them). (Maybe because the SC designer gallery is so tricky to see the layouts.) Anyway, I loved those layouts and now I'm here at your blog I love it too!