Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project 12 and some Studio Calico sneaks, and my weekend.

NO. I am not pregnant, lol. I have had a couple of family members and friends call me up asking if the "news" I alluded to on my last post had to do with another member of the Fiero family. No. lol. That is not the way I would tell anyone. Secondly, we are content to be a family of four, so except for fur babies that will come and go, there will be no more Fiero babies in this household. I'll have to content myself with my brother's blossoming family for now.

My news is craft related and something I am really excited about. But I can't share anything yet!

Yesterday I went to the second crop I've ever attended, but first I went to Morgan's soccer game. It's been so fun to watch her team play that I didn't want to miss it, and I'm glad I didn't. They played very well and the score was pretty close (although I think we did win). Morgan's been very assertive, more assertive than other girls that we've played, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Plus, she hasn't cried since the first game. She's been doing much better with her team skills... well, except for when she had a hold of one of her teammates shirts to keep him away from the ball, lol. She needs to work on the skills a little bit, I guess. ha!

The crop I went to yesterday was a lot of fun, but even though I was there for more than 10 hours, I didn't technically finish a single layout! I worked on two projects, but neither were buttoned up before I went home.

The first one was my Project 12 layout for August. I guess it was mainly done, but I did my journaling this morning.

I used Basic Grey's June Bug for this one, with some Just the Edge strips from Bazzill to dress it up. Easy enough, yes? Why did it take me so long then! lol I had the pictures printed already!

Ah well. Anyway, there is still time to submit a layout for the Project 12 challenge for October. The deadline is the 20th. If you are interested in Studio Calico goodies, you might want to play along! Details here.

Today we are just home doing fall lawn care (and that chore belongs to Steve, lol), and laundry (mine. ick). I swear Payton changes her clothes 6 times a day, so I am never near the bottom of the hamper and always grateful for the 2 rollaway carts and 6 total hampers we have in the laundry room. Good grief, I know!

Because it's fall and we are getting close to Halloween, I decided to do something fun for lunch. We had these:

Crescent Mummy Dogs

(photo from

They were really easy to make and a huge hit for the kidlets. Payton ate her lunch for once, lol. We had macaroni and cheese with some apples as well. Calories much?

Recipe and bake times here.

I also saw the cutest craft project on the Angy Chicken blog here. Duh! My girls were very entertained, especially Payton. She really enjoyed taking her scissors to the paper. I can't believe how easy this craft project was. That Amy Karol is a genius, lol!

I did work on one Studio Calico layout while at my crop yesterday. I can show you a sneak of the finished part, lol. Combined with a layout I finished up the other day, and I have two sneaks to share with you this lovely Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. Jennifer.T3:32 PM

    That sounds like me, I could be at a crop for an entire day and get nothing finished, let alone even started lol There's just too much chatting and shopping to do :)
    Love your sneaks too! I've been wanting to see what someone will do with that cute paper with the streets on it. (can't remember the name of it)

  2. love the color combo on that project 12 layout. i can't WAIT until my girls are both old enough to do fun stuff like that.
    can't wait to see the full SC layouts, they look fabulous! xo

  3. your sneaks are beautiful, i love the colors you've put together. you P12 layout just blows me away!

  4. Love the sneaks!
    Thanks for the link to the pumpkinheads. Great project for my oldest, who is home this week because of fall holidays (don't how you call that in english).

  5. LOVE your sneaks from SC Davinie! Thanks so much for sharing the Angry Chicken - I have never heard of that blog and I can't wait to do that project with my little ones! Take care!

  6. Love the layout and the sneak! :)

  7. i can't wait to hear your news!! =) the p12 LO is beautiful, and i love the sneaks. that mayaroad ribbon right next to the wood veneer just makes me happy!

  8. Those little mummies look yummy, I might have to try them!! Great sneaks!!

  9. great page, love your sneaks! i am the same way at crops!

  10. So excited to see the full reveal of your November work the sneaks look fab like always!!

  11. gorgeous sneaks and your P12 is wonderful! question: what kind of photo printer do you use. i love the white border on your photos :)

  12. Oooh love the hotdogs, have to snatch that idea! :D

  13. Thanks for the reminder, i linke my Proj 12 LO now.
    Can't wait to hear about your news!

  14. They are all wonderful! Beautiful colors and embellies!

  15. hmmmm i wonder what your news is??
    those hot dog things look yuuuuummmmmmy!!!!