Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A latte and a cold......

The dust on this blog is not helping my nasal cavities, lol. I didn't intend to neglect it for so long, but my family has been under the weather, and I just haven't felt compelled to blog about it, I guess. It seems like everyone is getting sick. Do you need another person to share their symptoms?

Steve has been gone deer hunting too, so it's been just the girls. We are used to it, but we've missed him. I got a text that he's headed home a day early because they filled their tags, so the girls will be excited about that.

On Saturday I had to go to the store for a gallon of milk, darn it, but as we were traversing the aisles the girls reminded me that they've been wanting scarves, so we found the fabric/yarn aisles and I picked up chunky pink and purple yarn. I've taken a single knitting class, so scarves are the extent of my repertoire. To showcase my mad skillz, though, I lost one of my needles somewhere, and ended up using a partially sharpened pencil to finish my work. Pretty MacGyver of me, huh? I actually finished both rather quickly and my girls couldn't wait to wear them to school on Monday:

I should have made Morgan's as narrow as Payton's, and both are a little long. I forgot about the stretch, and I forgot about what a toddler would do to their scarf to create additional length, lol. But they love them and I love my girls, and knowing something I made is going to help keep them warm just makes my heart happy. I think I'm ready to learn how to make something else now, lol! They look like they need sweaters. Knit hats! Maybe even gloves or warm socks. lol

Tonight is sneak night at Studio Calico! I've been chomping at the bit and just received my kit yesterday, so I don't have anything in the sneak slide show. But I'm busy working on projects now, and will have sneaks of my own to share later this week. There's also some big news at SC that will be shared soon too. I hear it might be via the newsletter. But there's been a lot of change at Studio Calico, and we all look forward to the next chapter.

Speaking of change, I have big news of my own to share, but I can't quite yet. I hate to tease about it, and it's a secret I'd love to shout from the rooftops, but I don't think I can do so yet.

I've also been busy crafting when I can, but they are all projects I can't share yet either. What type of inspirational blog is this, anyway? lol Hey, maybe you can take on knitting! Oh, I did post a tutorial at the Studio Calico blog on recreating my Unplanned Harvest layout and the quilted blocks. You can find that here.

Keep checking the blog, because there is always a sneak night giveaway too. I'm sure it'll be posted soon.

I also found that Making Memories is having a vintage findings giveaway. Comment to enter here.

Happy Tuesday!

ETA: I just received the product I'm going to use monthly for my Project 12 challenge. I'm so excited and inspired by it! I can't wait to share. I'll be giving some away soon, so be on the lookout!


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    you have my ear! ... can't wait to hear your news :)

  2. Oooh! Can't wait to hear your news! :) Oh wait...that's what the person above me said. So instead I'll say...excited for your news!! ;)

  3. Same here..my blog's been neglected. Lost my creative mojo, too. Crazy Life right now, but it's all great news. Hope the kiddos are back into action...no longer sickies. Can't wait to hear your news, too!

  4. Love the scarves Davinie! I so want to learn how to knit :) I can't wait to hear your news!!!

  5. Love those sweet scarves. :)

  6. Your girls looks so precious in their scarves.
    I am a knitter as well but definitely not an experienced one!
    Scarves & blankets are the extent of my repertoire.
    Can't wait to hear your exciting news!