Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful online friends!

The snow is coming down fast, but we have a lot of plans today! We are braving the elements to sled with small children (how long will that last?), and if all goes well, we'll build a fire and have hot dogs and hot chocolate.

The snow started yesterday, and this is what Morgan spent the majority of the afternoon doing:

I'll share it with you someday.... but for now I'll tell you that my front yard has a hill. It's the silliest looking thing, but it has made for some fun sledding and slip-n-slide parties, so it's been worth the lack in curb appeal. Morgan certainly enjoyed it!

Anyway, after we take a break from sledding, we are headed to a New Years Eve bash hosted by our friends.

It's an '80's themed party! I had a hard time deciding who to channel, but I think the three girls will be Madonna's and Steve's going to be our preppy boyfriend. However, last night Steve came up with a Pat Benetar idea, with a long sweater and leggings, and DANG, I should have done that one. I *almost* did an Andy, Pretty in Pink number. I found this pink skirt with a white lace overlay.... but it was actually priced too high for Goodwill so I passed on it, lol.

So there! A busy day planned. Let's hope the kids will make it!

Until next year.... here's a photo of the girls last year, in their New Years party hats and wands that I made.

::sigh:: I think they still look like that! But that's when they were 2 and 4.

Have a great night! If you are looking for something to do, check out the challenge this week at Studio Calico, to scrap your goals for 2010. I'll also be back tomorrow for the Project 12 challenge! I will have a couple of challenges, and a little giveaway as well.




  1. dude. girl snow clothes make for WAY better pics than boy snow clothes. hee.

    happy new year, friend! =)

  2. Awesome pictures! Happy New Year, my dear friend! More power to you and your creativity...

  3. Jennifer.T9:04 PM

    Happy new year to you and yours Dav! I'm looking forward to another year of your scrappy goodness :)

  4. Love it! Love the blue paint on your little ones hand too...tell tell sign of a daughter of a crafty mom!

  5. happy new year, Dav!!! can I come play in your snowy hill? heee
    I hope you all had a great time at the party :)