Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preschool Valentines

It's already one of those weeks. One of those weeks where time is moving so fast that if you don't just take a moment to take it all in, your life will just swiftly pass you by.

I took one of those moments yesterday. It was Payton's preschool Valentine party and she was so excited to bring me home a little necklace she had made. Morgan has given me one in the past, but today? Today I took a moment to really cherish it for the precious gems they are. They are made of macaroni, so it won't be long before my sweet little ones will try to reclaim the jewelry which means it will eventually get broken and lost for good. Payton gave me this one, and I immediately put it on, and handed Steve the camera so we could capture the moment.

She was so proud of it, and I was living in the moment, so I'm not even going to be upset about that darn lazy eye in this photo (helloooo left eye! Open up a wee bit more at picture time. K?). I am just going to focus on my beautiful baby and the joy on her face. She can be such a ham.

That girl has been driving me batty lately, so I need to focus on this sweet moments. It won't be long before she has other things on her mind besides torturing her mama in the sweetest way possible.

I taught my very first scrapbook class at CKC Portland last weekend. Going into it I was so nervous. It is really important to me to do a good job, I want to make sure people enjoy themselves, learn something new, and have fun. So yes. Nervous. But even when I experienced my worst fear at my very first class of the day, the projector not working, I still came away feeling great about the experience (and the second session was much better, I have to say).

I also want to give a shoutout to the wonderful ladies I met in Portland, members of the Studio Calico boards. While in class I didn't want to single the group out, creating a sort of clique and excluding the rest of the class, but I wanted to make sure I said hello. I have to tell you though.... these women are the nicest, most supportive ladies there are. I'm not kidding. They were there to cheer me on, help me out, and support a community we all cherish. So thank you to each and every one of you. I said I would forget names, but hope that I am remembering Molly, Erika, Linda, and the sweet gal sitting next to her. THANK YOU.

My sister Alyca came down to help me with my classes, so my mom got to spend Saturday with the girls, which is why I took them to Portland with me. Grammabon time. A friend came over, and the two of them took the girls all over Portland, city style. They took a bus to OMSI, and then took the MAX to Beaverton and back, just for fun. My girls had a BLAST. When I was done with classes we raced home so that we could take the girls to the Lloyd Center, and they went ice skating for the first time to round out the day. I was nervous about this too. My kids can barely get around on their own two feet without taking a tumble, so I was already anticipating an emergency room visit or at least a great big goose egg, should they skate.

I was wrong.

They LOVED it.

Mom manned the camera and Alyca and I took turns with a kid, and we went around the rink. It wasn't long before the girls were pulling us along. Morgan was more independent, and wanted to hold just one hand, but Payton was perfectly content with dragging me behind her as she skated along.

It was a lot of fun.

And a great work out, to be honest. I did NOT want to fall. So I was holding myself up, and holding a kid up. On skates. Go abs!

And then we raced home Sunday morning, dropped off our bags, jumped back in the car, and headed to Steve's parent's house for our annual Superbowl party. And watched the Saints come marching in (SO happy for them).

And now the week is half over as I settle back into the routine of work, school, mothering, house chores, and I'm trying to relocate my craft table following CHA becuase I am still knee deep in assignments that need to get done. Yesterday. It's always nice to have assignments, but I look forward to that moment when I have none so I can do whatever I want. Or nothing, if I so choose. Maybe next week.

Happy Wednesday! While at CKC I was so excited to pick up some Basic Grey Kioshi, and then I stumbled upon a shop with all the new American Crafts in it, so of course I cleaned out the Lizzy bin and picked up some Abode too. I can't wait to play with it all, so I'll be back with some new stuff soon.



  1. HOW CUTE! Don't you love when they make you stuff and you can see the JOY in their eyes when they give it to you!. And you know what. If I forget to concentrate.. one of my eyes closer more than the other when I smile. what is up with that anyways?

  2. After reading that I can picture you talking so fast to get it all out then at the last sentence had to take a big gulp to catch your breath, Your one busy lady!!Beautiful necklace and picture!I'm in the sam boat with my girls (7 & now 4)driving me batty and really needing to slow down focus on the sweet moments too.Have a wonderful day!Can't wait to see your new creations!

  3. LOVE that necklace! Adorable! Seriously, she could go into business on Etsy! I could SO see that being sold! ;-)

    I LOVE ice skating. I just got some ice skates on Craigslist... two pairs for a steal, and I can't wait to use them! So glad they had such a great time. :-)

    Oh! And I can't WAIT to see what you create with the Dear Lizzy! EEEEEEE! (That was me... being giddy. ;-)

  4. Awww - that necklace is so precious. :) Sounds like you were super busy!! I already posted that you did great in class - I'm gemini_jen on Studio Calico (don't post much) and I'm shy so didn't say hi. (oops!) I was in the front row in your first class though!

  5. Super-dooper busy Momma! Arent you glad the 3-day weekend is coming up and Valentine's day,too?
    Btw, I got your Valentine's present yesterday in the mail. Those stamps arrived. THANKS A BUNCH!!

  6. Doesn't that just melt your heart?
    What a precious little Valentine she is :)

  7. so sweet! that necklace is the cutest and her face in that pic is priceless...she looks so proud! and yeah, i get that lazy eye too...the left one. damn eye! :P

  8. aww ... LOVE the necklace!! those kinds of gifts are truly the most treasured!! i need to take the kids skating ... thanks for the reminder. harper talks about it all the time; can't even wait to hear the pushiness once the olympics start! lol

  9. awww...what a sweet necklace from your baby girlie

  10. love the necklace.

    also love random girl in the ice skating pic who is all "what's w/ the lady w/ the camera?" hee.

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    What a great post Dav, thanks for the update, been wondering about you :)
    I know how you feel about kids and craft :) When I dropped off Ashleigh at Preschool today I heard her teacher say there going to be "sewing hearts" today. My heart skipped a beat! I tried to steer Ashleigh over to that table but she went in the opposite direction. So all day I'm going to be hoping that when I pick her up she's going to have a heart for me ;)

  12. Love the macaroni necklace. too sweet. I loved ice skating as a kid too.

    thanks for the suggestion for my doily wreath. i was already thinking mist and you nudged me in that direction. Its drying as we speak!

  13. It is a great pic of you and your lovely lady! The necklace is beyond precious!

  14. Roller skating with kids is also a great workout if you get the chance to do it!! Nothing like keeping yourself up while trying to hold two boys up at the same time!!

    happy Valentines to you!

  15. What a treasured moment. I love the photo of the two of you.
    Glad your class went well xxx

  16. awe how sweet - i'm feeling your pain with the driving you batty thing - my 3 year old is going to put me over the edge some days - and then is so darn sweet others - and the sad thing is i know its partly my fault when she is driving me crazy - its only because she wants a teeny tiny bit of my attention and i'm too busy doing this or that.
    And yay for CKC - that is so exciting!! I'm sure you did great!

  17. You are one lucky momma, Davinie! That necklace is precious, and so are you and your sweet babe! Congrats on your first classes! That is awesome! I would definitely be there taking some and rooting you on if I could. :)
    Have a great day!

  18. aw you girls are so cute! love the ice skating pic too! i can't ice skate worth a darn!! but roller skating...i'm there!

  19. Great necklace! And I love seeing the photo of you two!!