Thursday, April 29, 2010

If kids could tweet....

...this is what Morgan would have twittered about today:

"Today I have school in kindergarten (12 girls, 7 boys)."

"Now it's time to go home"

She wrote that last bit on the bus, and made an illustration, just to further clarify her message (in case you were wondering).

She got this little notebook and has been carrying it around with her a lot lately. Cracks me up. She's better with the random updates than I am! :)


  1. you totally have to do a layout about the media nowdays, and her little "tewwt" book! How cute would that be?!? Hope you feel better love! :)

  2. (That should say "tweet"...sorry!)

  3. ok, that's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. I fully expect to see those on a lo at some point! :)

  4. is that notebook from the target $1 section?? we have a similar one, in boy colors. alex is recording his spy findings in his, LOL.