Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soccer Girl and Crate Love

My life for the past month and a half has been consumed by small children and soccer. Morgan had practice twice a week, Payton one day per week, and they both had a game every Saturday. Sometimes the games overlapped and they were both playing at the same time.

There was also the gale forced winds and the frigid temparatures to deal with.

Fun times and Spring soccer.

But they both loved it.

Now that the season is over and I have a zillion of photos to weed through, I wanted to start cranking out those layouts to document some favorite moments.

Morgan has a very short attention span, so watching her play this season has been entertaining and slightly frustrating, lol.

On the last day the coaches handed out their trophies, and when they got to Morgan they said.... "Morgan.... has had perfect attendance. She never missed a game or a single practice. Oh, and she had great hustle on the field." Oh my stars. Perfect attendance. You know your kid may not be gifted in the athletic arena when the coach hands out an award and rather than focusing on what you've done for the team, they focus on whether you were there or not. heeeee.

She still loved playing. Sometimes. We'll sign her up again.

My favorite thing about her this season is when she dashed off the field after getting her trophy. She was SO excited. She went on and on about how the trophy looked just like her, except she was gold. Cracked me up, and of course, it had to be documented.

Luckily, even though I had a crazy big zoom lens on my camera at the time, I almost managed to capture photos in focus of my girl in that moment as she raced away from the group to show us her award.

Last month one of my purchases from the shop was the Label punch. The downside to punches like this is that you have no choice. You have to punch all of the shapes. At first I just wanted the large label, and planned to make more tags with it, but after punching a few things out, decided to instead have fun with the labels in different sizes on my page.

I mixed them with the chipboard shapes in the Brook Collection from Crate paper. They are an artsy interpretation of soccer balls. Decorative and circular, so it works, right?

Lastly, for this layout, I wanted to use my handwriting. I need to do that more. There was a discussion recently about what to do about journaling lines, and the solution is the notepaper stamp and antique linen distress ink. On kraft cardstock, the lines are barely noticeable with this color, but it's just enough to be able to journal in a straight line. This saves time over trying to measure, write lines with pencil, erase, etc. I don't want to spend that much time trying to get my thoughts down on paper. This stamp and ink technique is a quick and easy way to do it. And if you want your journaling lines more apparent, you just need to choose a different ink pad.
Special note: That Notepaper stamp is on the list to be pink slipped. Hand writing your journaling never goes out of style. This is a stamp that will definitely earn it's keep in your stamp drawer, so get it while you can!
That's it for today! Back later with Project 12 and Studio Calico sneaks.



  1. This page is TERRIFIC! Love the design, line you used and the curvy title! :)

  2. Love her reaction to the trophy! At that age, my kids' favorite things about soccer were the snacks and the tunnel the adults made after each game.
    Great LO - and great way to document the golden girl. ;)

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    this post has me really wanting to get my daughter into soccer purely for the laughs lol!
    That page is perfect, I love they way you use Crate!
    and thanks for reminding me about Project 12 eeps! I can't believe it's the 17th, I've never left it this late!

  4. awesome soccer layout! love the way you used that crate paper!

  5. Brilliant idea about the journaling lines! Must remember that trick!

  6. Gorgeous layout Davinie.
    Love your use of that punch.

  7. You have great handwriting--you should use it more! Love this page, you can tell how happy she is!

  8. Love how the journaling is directly on the background paper. I always like how that looks. Also loving how the title follows the curve of the paper pattern. Going to have to try that myself!