Thursday, May 13, 2010

Studio Calico sneaks tonight!

It's that time again. Sneaks are tonight, and the new list of Pink Slipped stamps has come out.

Tree stamp
pinwheel stamp
mini picture frame stamp
mini ledger stamp
Silhouette stamps
School time ABC border stamps
Notepaper stamp
Pinked Circle with flower stamp set
Fence/alpha border stamp set

Ack. If you've seen my tumblr account lately, you might notice I've been a wee bit obsessed with silhouettes. I've been wanting to do something similar to what Emily did on her tutorial here and use those stamps. Wouldn't it be a fun project to make a framed print for Grandma and Grandpa of all the grandkids? I'd recommend the silhouette stamps.

I'm most surprised to see the notepaper and pinked circle stamps on that list.

I also wanted to make sure you knew the AC adhesive promotion is still going strong. Buy one get one free isn't bad, right? Especially when it ships free with your kit purchase.

Check out the This to That adhesives and other adhesive in stock at the shop here.

Lastly, Lorie came up with a box of Knick Knacks that missed getting counted for inventory, so if you missed that add-on, there are still a few up for grabs! Such a cute cloud stamp set in that one too!

Now don't forget.... you can make a purchase at any time, and if you email Lorie at you can ask her to hold it to ship with your kit, and you will be refunded the shipping fee. This is a good option when you see things..... add-ons restocked, pink slipped stamps, adhesive promos..... and you want to catch them before they are gone.

I'll be back later with some craftiness to share! I've been busy!


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  1. Cute stamps! Aack, I was thinking of making a pinwheel stamp! :)