Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crafTuesday - Balancing Butterflies

This week's craft was actually made last week.  The craft I had originally planned turned out to be a waste of Dawn detergent and karo syrup so I had to find something else.....

I just happened to be surfing some craft blogs on my google reader and came across this great idea through the Crafty Crow and had to try it out. 

Balancing butterflies:

You can find the template and instructions here

I printed my butterflies on white cardstock and then got out the watercolor paints. 

Morgan and Payton both did the rounded butterfly and I took on the two smaller butterflies template.

After the paint was dry I trimmed out the butterflies and glued on the pennies.

And despite the look on her face when we took the photo...... 

both girls really enjoyed this craft project and even now, almost a week later, those butterflies still exist.  *I* had fun painting my butterflies as well, so it's an easy project, not very time consuming, and can be fun for the "supervisor" as well.  :)


  1. i totally had some of these when i was little - but premade. they had a little metal disk on the bottom. crazy. =)