Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Project 12 - June

I know.  You are probably dashing to your calendar, feverishly checking your blackberry, or looking at some super cool Iphone app for the date, as it can't possibly be the 20th yet, but here's Davinie and her Project 12 layout!

Brace yourself.... 

I'm early.  DAYS early.

Isn't that amazing?

I have paid assignments with due dates looming, kit layouts to do, CHA work to get finished and sent to Chicago, there are magazine submissions to do, and my blog is in major need of an overhaul, but I was determined to get my Project 12 layout for my challenge, my baby, finished in a timely manner this month.

I figure if I can get it finished by the 20th, maybe it'll inspire others to get it finished.  I KNOW how busy the summer months are.

June was busy at our house.  Payton finished her first year of preschool, and Morgan graduated from Kindergarten (ack!).  We camped, Steve and I both ran a couple of races, and Morgan got a great big haircut too, that needed to be documented.  The sketch Becky Fleck created for June worked perfectly for our family.

Here's a reminder:

And this is what I came up with:

I was digging around my stash for two pieces of the same paper to use as a background (LOVE that I'm utilizing my stash), and came across some Abbey Road from MME.  My girls were in pink a lot in June ( AGAIN), but I added some new Jenni Bowlin and more MME for a really fun color palette.  I love blue, yellow, and red together. 

The design offered a great opportunity to use the sticker tickets from the Thrift Shop line from October Afternoon.  They matched the color palette too.  And that wasn't planned in advance!  :)

My kids were in my craft room with me when I was working on this layout, working on their own projects, and there was one point where the chaos forced me to put my layout on the floor in order to complete it.  Looking at it from far away gave me an opportunity to add some texture with the JBS buttons and butterfly stickers, as it was looking flat and plain without the extra dimension and detail. 

I'm really happy with how this turned out and am patting my back at another successful month of documenting our life.  Another huge thank you to Becky for sketches with big journaling blocks. 

You still have time to play along!  You need to share your layout on this post by the 20th of the month.  The 20th according to me.  My European and Southern Hemisphere friends actually have an extra day.  yay!  :)

I still plan to host this challenge going forward, but we might make things easier.  Would having the new challenge posted and the due date all on the same date help?  As in, June layouts are due July 1, and on July 1 the new challenge would also be posted?  I try to keep things simple, but am always on the lookout for good ideas, so let me know if you have one.

Enjoy your Sunday!  Davinie


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    adorable layout... as usual! love the colors too :) so happy looking and great use of those tickets.

    Personally... I can handle whatever due date you want. This is my second year following you with this, so the 20th works for me, but it really doesn't matter ;)

  2. loving the color palette - perfect for summer. i love that you keep this up - it makes me happy!

  3. Margy Eastman11:54 AM

    Love your take on the layout! I used up a bunch of stash papers, but I like your use of fewer patterns and carrying the base across the page.

    My colors aren't as summery, but they worked well with little navy T-ball uniforms!

  4. Here's mine-love this one!!/photo.php?pid=31432875&id=1340936432

  5. Gorgeous layout Dav!

  6. Every time I look at your Project 12 layouts I near swowon. Okay, maybe an exageration but still, they are always flawlessy put together. Everything about this layout inspires me!

  7. Great layout this month Davinie!! I already posted my layout in a couple places but here it is again. June is the 3rd layout in this post.

    As for a due date, I`m not picky. What would make life easier is one central place to post your finished layouts. I found it confusing to figure out where to post this past month! Otherwise, I am LOVING this challenge. I love being `forced` to document each month in our lives. My husband even shows interest in the completed pages!!

  8. what a great LO. great haircut Morgan !~ love the colors and your row of journaling.

  9. wow, sounds like a busy scrappy time for you! Love the LO!

  10. love your lo..and that you used 3 photos on the smaller ones- I may do that too! And I'm a creature of habit so keeping the 20th is great for me- I've gotten into the groove of how things are organized now, but I'll go with the flow if things change up a bit! Again, thank you so much for hosting project 12- loveit!

  11. Love your take on the sketch and the great clean papers and embellishments..

    Due date? I always fly by the seat of my pants... I'm just a due date girl. So when-ever, I'll post that day.. The posts have been confusing on Scrap Book and Cards Today. It would be great if they were streamlined somehow, but I don't have any magic answers!

    All I can say, is I've been keeping up and that's just a miracle for me!

  12. Love your LO! Here is mine which isn't so lovely : (

  13. Jennifer.T10:48 PM

    love the colours on this layout! Times like this I;m glad I live down here, I *need* that extra day this month (again!)
    The current due date is fine with me, in fact it's burned into my brain ;)

  14. Mary (Happy Now)4:30 AM

    I have been keeping up this year, my first with Project 12... and loving it!! A different due date and reveal date aren't a big deal for me -- what I have found to be confusing is *where* to post my completed layouts. In the grand scheme of things, being entered into prize drawings isn't my motivation, but I like to play along when I can!

    Anyway, I love this project and thank you for your efforts!

    Speaking of my post confusion, here are my June layouts again (just for good measure)... :) I still need to add my journaling, but I didn't want to post that online this month. Thanks!

  15. Beautiful layout Davinie. I especially love the little ticket embellishments and the buttons.

  16. oops - forgot about your question! I'm with Mary - the date doesn't matter but I always have difiiculty getting back to the post that I should link my layout too. Perhaps if you remind us about which post to use when you put your layout up?

    Also, I've recently discovered as a linking software on another blog. It's soooo easy to use and much easier for everyone to look at each other's layouts than going into the comments and copying and pasting the links in (know what I mean?). Have you thought about using this? I think it's free and works with blogger. Just a thought.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! Such a great color combo.

  18. Love the colors in your layout!

    Here's my link-up:

    Personally, I couldn't get my layouts done by the 1st of the month, but I would keep playing along anyway! :)

  19. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I love your layout, as always! You are such an inspiration!! Thanks!
    Here is a link to my June layout:
    Stephanie Eaken

  20. Here's mine:

    Rachel M

  21. My June page:

  22. Here's my June layout!

  23. Great layout. I was inspired on the SC boards to give this a whirl. I am just starting out, but plan on jumping in for July's layout.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. I think I posted this in the last month's blog-post... you commented on it, so I know you saw it... but anyway

  25. Finished project 12 June 2010 you can find the photo on my blog with the December page at Sorry for the quality of the photos, still learning about all this.