Saturday, August 07, 2010

Help Wanted

Just.  Thought.  I'd.  Ask.  .....
5 loads done and this heap still remains.  I'm not even finished mucking out the trailer yet.  ack.

7 nights at the beach.
Sand everywhere.
2 kids who are convinced that long sleeves double as a napkin.
4 mice (more about that later).
One hairy dog.
S'mores every night.
Two cats who missed us greatly and are certainly letting us know.....

Laundry.  That's what I'm doing.
I'll be back soon with beach photos.  I also have tons of crafty to share, including a long overdue Crate love post.  There's also that quilted paper tutorial I promised.



  1. I feel your pain!!! We left for 4 days.. to a cabin and lake and we came back with 4 days of lake/cabin laundry!!!! Not to mention the laundry I did before hand! Sleeping bags, beach towels... Crazy...I mean, washing towels, 2 sets for each person, blankets, sheets, clothes, and then I still have the clothes getting accumulated while we are back in our normal life!!!! Nuts... but I LOVE that we all got away together! Big stuff...

  2. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Since I don't mind doing the laundry I'll put my hand up for that as long as you do the rest... the dog... the cats.. the mice (eww!! I hate mice!!).. the sand... the everything else.

  3. That's what I SHOULD be doing!

  4. The most frighteningly smelly laundry I had was when we went to the beach at Olympic last year. I think I washed everything twice. Good luck!

  5. hey...that could be my laundry room on a daily basis. I am convinced the clothes reproduce when they are in the baskets! Good luck getting caught up!

  6. That cracks me up!! My girls believe sleeves double as napkins too. ha! sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. always a lot of work to do when you get back, huh?

  7. hope you had a great time. i'd help if i was closer, if that helps? =)