Tuesday, October 26, 2010

crafTuesday - quick and easy Halloween treats

A quick trip to the Supercenter and the holiday treat aisle.....

and Payton was set with Halloween goodness for her classmates.  She has a preschool party on Friday, and while treats aren't expected, it's always fun to have something to pass out.

Thank you to Ali for creating free Halloween treat tags.  I printed 20.  1 for each kid in the class, Payton included of course, and two for the teachers.  I made it easy and printed these on Staples white cardstock. (Payton's favorites were those going pink as my printer ran out of ink, lol). 

I then dug around my craft room for supplies suitable to crafting with a preschooler, and away we went.

pumpkin stamp in the Harvest Moon add-on from Studio Calico. 
I think this was the medium sized star punch (and THANK YOU to Fiskars for making squeezable punches that my 4 year old can wield herself).

I just tied up my treats in a knot with the ribbon, and then looped the vampire teeth through and tied a bow around the tag, so that those stinkin teeth are easily reached by her classmates but the treat stays tied up.

Payton signed the back of each card.


I wasn't going to share this today, but I figure I'm not the only person putting these things together at the last minute, and there might be someone out there more desparate for inexpensive and easy ideas than I was.

So enjoy!


P.S.  Go with the vampire teeth.  I wavered and almost picked up spider bouncy balls, plastic rats, bubbles, pencils, but these teeth have been a HUGE hit with my girls so I'm sure it'll make them quite popular come Friday.  :)


  1. Oooh, thanks for this! Little Man's party is....Thursday! LOL!

  2. I don't consider this last minute at all!
    Another tooth post!
    Have a fun week.

  3. Oh gosh! Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration and tip! We just finished our 20 treat bags and those teeth were part of them, thanks to you! ;)