Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My September

It almost didn't happen.
It's been a busy month but I'm the host, this is my challenge, my baby, so I made the time and worked out my layout.
THEN I went to upload it to share, at the last minute, and see that blogger won't upload photos for 2 hours due to maintenance.
So I had to wait.  Drummed my fingers here for a little while .... 
In the meantime I smiled.  So many people were in the same boat as me this month and I have had several last minute links to the Project 12 post for this month.  I'm happy to see I'm not alone, and I hope you all have been having a great October!

Eventually, I was able to share my layout.  This is what I came up with for our family's September adventures:

You'll notice I strayed from the usual kraft cardstock.  This is for two reasons.  1.  I knew I wanted to stamp those apples, and  needed something plain so they'd stand out.  2.  When you are asked to do the Designer challenge for SCT and are working with specific products, these products are requested for you from the manufacturer.  I needed a piece of Coredinations cardstock as part of my kit choices, but they can't send one piece of paper.  They have to send 25.  So I have a 25 pack of the brown Coredinations cardstock taking up space in my craft room, and I wanted to use some of it up. 

I didn't take a lot of photos and I didn't think a lot had happened in September so I was happy with the sketch.  Lo and behold, when I finished my journaling spot it filled the whole page.  I love it when that happens.  Memories being recorded here!

With the brown, red, and orange going on, I was worried the layout was becoming overwhelmed with fall, so I added some blue which I pulled from the stripes and used this color as the visual triangle to the layout with the flowers and strip of cardstock.  I pulled in a bit of the remaining summertime. 

Studio Calico's Elementary line
Months stamps
apple stamp from the Drafting table add-on  (which is full of Crate and still available!)

And speaking of Studio Calico, 2peas is having a great big sale right now with free shipping for orders of $25 or more.  It goes until the 24th.  If it were me, I'd dash straight over there and load up my cart with all the Mister Huey's and veneer I could handle.  You don't want to argue with free shipping.  I haven't even had a chance to play with the veneer yet, but I have heard such great things!  So take advantage of that, okay? 

Oh, and when you search in online stores, never search for Mr.  It's always Mister.  It's mist.  Of a different hue.  Get it?  Mister.  Huey.  They are so clever over there in Bowling Green Kentucky, aren't they?

That's it for Project 12.  Back SOON with Studio Calico peeks as well as a couple of peeks at some Christmas projects I made for Scrapbook and Cards Today.

Have a great day!  Davinie

P.S.  Have a Twitter account?  If you participate in Project 12 and tweet about it with the hashtag #Project12 you should know I'm on the lookout.  You never know when tweeting may lead to a little prize from me.  :)  This might be a way for those who don't upload their layouts to a gallery to have a chance at a prize too.  It will also give you a chance to meet other P12 participants. 

Sometimes being really annoyed can lead to something fun.  This only happens in crafty situations.  I'm never this lucky when it comes to the kids.  ha!


  1. Davinie your Project 12 layout looks awesome! I've been overwhelmed but haven't forgotten about Project 12 and plan to catch up soon! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  2. Good for you! You can't abandon us when we've made it so far!

  3. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Swooooooon!!! Oh my gosh I am totally in love with this layout! Love the colours, the brown with the green and the row above the photos of that super cute apple stamp. Love, love love.
    I think it may be my most favourite P12 layout of yours!
    I'm actually giddy with love for it lol. Okay I'll stop now, I'm probably scaring you ;) hee hee!

  4. really love the stamped apples :D

  5. Margy Eastman9:40 AM

    I love the kraft on brown cardstock! I don't scrap enough to buy big packs of colored cardstock, but I do buy kraft in bulk so am always looking for new ways to use it...and I'd pretty much given up on stamping. I'm going to try it again on the kraft - thanks for the inspiration!